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A new Start-- Happy New Year!!

December 29, 2021 3 min read

A new Start-- Happy New Year!!

Happy New year!!

“This is a new year—a new beginning. And things will change.” ―Taylor Swift.

Different countries and cultures worldwide celebrate the start of the new year on January 1. New year festivals began on New year's eve, December 31. 

To know about New Year's history, please visit the article Happy New Year!!

New Year in Different Cultures:

In the western world, there are some traditions to celebrate the new year; in other religions, the new year have different names and importance, some of them are as follows

  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Chinese New Year
  • Islamic New Year
  • Songkran
  • Malayali
  • Manipuri
  • Baisakh
  • Nowruz
  • Losar
  • Quviasukvik

Rosh Hashanah:

It is the Jewish New Year in September or October, and shofar is blown during these days.

Chinese New Year:

Chinese celebrate their lunar new year during the spring. It can be any date between January 21 and February 21. The silk dragon in the parade is the symbol of strength. 

Islamic New Year:

The Islamic New Year starts on Muharram as Muslims follow the lunar calendar of 12 months. 


The Buddhists' new year with three-day celebrations held from April 13 to April 15


In mid-April, South Indian states celebrate the new year named Malayali.


Nepali people celebrate the Baisakhi in April according to the Georgian calendar. Nepali follow the BS (Bikram Sambat) as their official calendar.


Iran celebrates the new year named Nowruz at the start of the spring season on March 20.


Between January and March, Tibetian people celebrate their new year named losar.


It occurs on the same day as Christmas Eve and is celebrated by the Inuit, the Chukchi, the Aleut, the Yupik.

Traditional Celebrations of New Year around the World:

In most countries, celebrations start on new year's eve, December 31, and continue to January 1, new year's day. The typical traditional celebrations may include,

  • Watching fireworks 
  • Singing songs
  • Making resolutions 
  • Enjoying snacks and meals, especially pork

  • In the United States, there is a tradition of dropping a big ball of 700-pound iron-and-wood orb on Times Square.

  • Exchanging gifts as a token of love and gratitude.

New Year Gifts for Hunters:

To hunt the perfect hunting gifts is a difficult job. Once you choose the best gift for hunters, it is satisfying. Here are some ideas about the practical gifts you can give to your hunters this new year,

  • Hand Warmer
  • Binocular Night Vision Device
  • Camping Chair
  • Hunting Apparel
  • Survival Kit

Hand Warmer:

The rechargeable hand warmer is the hunter's best friend as cold hands limit the faster hunt. The small pocket hand warmers are best as they are easy to handle.

Binocular Night Vision Device:

Lelex Shop comes with a binocular night vision device with the best professional optical system. The binocular night vision device provides 3X magnification and has the power of 1300ft/400m. It is the perfect choice for outdoor activities like hunting, climbing, hiking. 

Camping Chair:

The lightweight, easy-to-carry camping chair is also the best gift for hunters as in most cases; you have to spend time in the field. 

Hunting Apparel:

Hunting is an outdoor activity and needs unique hunting apparel to cope with the weather conditions. Camo clothes seem to be the hunter's best pickup. Lelex Shop has a wide range of hunting apparel and has some exciting deals for the new year to enjoy.

Survival Kit:

Every hunter needs a survival kit to face what nature throws at them. The survival kit must have the basic things like a knife, a wire saw, a water bottle clip, a flintstone scraper, an emergency window breaker, a pocket bellow, and flashlight, a multi-use spoon/fork, a carabiner, a compass, and a waterproof box.

“Lelex Shop is wishing you and yours some well-deserved downtime and a very happy new year to come.”

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