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Best States for Winter Deer Hunting

December 31, 2022 2 min read

Best States for Winter Deer Hunting

Winter vacations actually mean deer hunting vacations for many hunters, as you got plenty of time and easy access to most of the beautiful and productive grounds to hunt the hunter’s favorite animal, the deer.

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Winter chills make the hunting of big trophy animals more thrilling and here are our winter hunting related blogs which you can visit, winter hunting opportunities in Alaska, and Montana winter hunting season.

This blog is solely for the love of deer hunters who love to explore the fields in search of big bucks. Our blog how to hunt deer is the complete guide what to do or what not while you are hunting deer.

Best States for Winter Deer Hunting:

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You might often hear that winter is the deer season, and it's right for so many reasons. Here, we will make it easier for you as we come up with the top 5 states, where you can enjoy your winter deer hunting.

  • Kentucky 
  • Kansas
  • Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • Iowa 


The state will offer you some big whitetails even in winter, but you have to search and wait patiently to get your rewards.

A hunting rifle with a good scope will help you to get the perfect scope. You can check our blog on hunting rifles for further assistance. 


Kansas, the nation's dream of Land of Oz. is ideal for deer hunting as it has optimum conditions and best habitats for deer populations. The state is a bit expensive in terms of hunting for the non-residents, but provides with an unrivaled hunting experience. The state has big bugs to hunt and great camping and hiking spots to spend your winter vacations.

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Ohio is one of the most visited places to hunt deer in winters, if you are planning to go to Ohio, I suggest you to do research about hunting hours and hunting pressure. The best bucks you can hunt is mainly at night. 

North Carolina:

North Carolina costal regions offers prolonged hunting season up to new year's mid-week and here whitetail deer are plenty due to optimized weather conditions. It is one of the best states for hunters who love to go for destination hunting. 


It is commonly said that in Iowa you can find buck behind every tree. The state provides the best hunting grounds for the beginners. It is always on the list of the hunters who love to chase trophy animals. Yellow River State Forest and Rathbun Area have perfect spots and are favorite for all hunters.

Pc: Pexels

Enjoy your winter vacations with the deer on your dinning table.

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