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Best Whitetail Deer Hunting States

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Best Whitetail Deer Hunting States

Odocoileus virginianus, whitetail deer, is native to North America, South America, and Central America. The incredible adaptation of whitetail deer is that it can survive in different habitats like prairies, woodlands, and sage communities. Our article whitetail deer provides you with more information on this deer recognized by its white tail.

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The article is about some of the best whitetail deer hunting states. A traditional big game hunting and an incredible experience of an adrenaline rush. While hunting big bucks, location and season are very important factors. Every American state offers big buck hunting while a few stand above in terms of tag availability, population, public land opportunities, exceptional trophy potential, and much more.

Best Whitetail deer Hunting States:

The best whitetail deer hunting states that must be on your list for the coming hunting season are, 

  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas


The estimated whitetail deer population in the state is 200,000. The state is known for big buck hunting. Iowa is on the hot trends regarding its big-size bucks, and it is always on the hunter’s top priority list. Iowa is the dream state to hunt trophy whitetail deer hunting, but getting a deer hunting tag in Iowa is the most complicated and time-consuming process.

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Wisconsin is America’s Disneyland and is the trophy hunter’s paradise. Wisconsin has about 15% of public land available for hunting, and it also offers hunting tags at cheaper rates. Wisconsin has an average of 33 deer per square mile. In 2000 a rough estimation showed that the hunter bagged about 618,274 deer.

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Wisconsin is the whitetail deer hotspot, and the best hunting season is from early September to early January. The best days are the October weekdays, so you have the best possible access to the public land with fewer hunters. 


With 2 million acres of hunt able land, Texas is considered a mecca for deer hunting. Whitetail deer have all available resources to grow into trophy deer, which are the hunter's favorite. The Lone Star State is a gun-hunting powerhouse

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The southern half of the state is the most productive area. The whitetail deer body, antler size, and population densities vary. You have to hunt hard and do your research before planning your Texas trip.


Ohio is one of the best states to hunt big bucks. The state has everything like crop, habitat, genetics, and terrain, which will produce big bucks. Ohio is a low-risk and high-reward state and is always on the bucket list of trophy hunters. The state has 700,000 acres of public land available for whitetail deer hunting.

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The best hunting season is from mid-September to early February. You will never have a dull hunting experience in this state. Ohio offers the more extended bow hunting season as the bow hunting season starts before the rut while rifle hunting is in the post-rut season.


Of 1,602,978 acres of Bluegrass State, 6.3 percent of the land is open for hunting.

"The state stands in the top five nationwide for whitetail deer production and falls at number two in the harvest of "specialty" types of bucks, the Boone and Crockett bucks, per square mile.” ____ Daniel Thomas

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A passionate hunter can have 23 deer per square mile in this state. The state has the longest rifle and muzzle loader season than any other state, producing big bucks.


Kansas hunting opportunities are limited in terms of the tag and license problems. The Sunflower state is called the land of giants and is one of the biggest secret places for big buck hunting. Kansas hunting season lasts from September to January.

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Choose the state according to your ease and enjoy the best experience of big game hunting.

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