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Best Wild Turkey Hunting States

May 03, 2022 3 min read

Best Wild Turkey Hunting States

Turkey is the most widely distributed game hunting animal in America, and wild turkey is the most challenging. Our blog with the title Subspecies of Wild Turkey gives you detailed information about the characteristics of wild turkey species. Hunting enthusiasts find satisfaction in adventurous trips, so we also tried to cover some important aspects of turkey hunting in our blog on Get Ready for the Turkey Hunting Adventure

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Best Turkeys Hunting States:

The article is about the top wild turkey hunting states in the United States, along with the best turkey populations; we also look into different factors such as hunting season, bag limit, opportunities for multiple turkey hunting species, and many more and make a list of the best wild turkey hunting states and these are,

  • Alabama
  • Missouri
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Kansas 
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky 
  • Michigan


Alabama is the best state regarding the best turkey populations. Alabama is the heart of turkey hunting for the turkey population and the hunters who can harvest 4 to 5 turkeys per day in the fall and spring season. 

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Calls, decoys, and other hunting strategies are effective. Alabama is considered as a state with the best number of turkey hunters per capita. The state has about 400,000 to 450,000 Eastern turkeys with many public land hunting opportunities. 


The state has about 317,000 Eastern turkeys, and the best hunting season is from April to early May. The fall season may last till October. The state offers hunting by only 1 p.m. Despite the limit of only two birds per day, hunters harvested about 47.603 from the available turkey population.

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Georgia is known to be the best state for its longest wild turkey hunting season. The Peach State has 3.6 million acres of public land with a 335,000 estimated Eastern turkey population.

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The state allows you to hunt 3 gobblers per season, and in Georgia, the best turkey hunting season lasts from March-May, a long season of about 56 days.


Texas is the home state to many birds, and when it comes to turkey, Texas has three species of wild turkey. Rio Grandes, Merriams, and Easterns have different densities in different hunting spots in Texas.

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Texas turkey season runs from late March through early May. The public hunting land is limited, but you must do your research before the season. The bag limit may vary according to each spot in the Lone Star State.


Kansas is not only the geographic center of the US but is also the center of turkey's diversity. The state is known to have 3 populations of turkey and many other birds to hunt. Public land for hunting is available in Kansas as the state has about 1.3 million acres of public land. The hunting season is from April to May

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A non-resident turkey license is the lowest in price among all other states in the US. The bag limit is two gobblers per season


Tennessee has about 249,000 Easterns. The best turkey hunting season is the spring season. The state is on the top of many hunter’s lists because of easily available public land, and the bag limit is three turkeys per season. Tennessee has the best bird hunting opportunities.

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Although the Bluegrass state has very limited public land and the turkey hunting season is only of 23 days, this state is still the best state for hunting different terrain. The state offers you two gobblers per hunter

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Kentucky is a mid-size state, and hunting here makes you feel like you are hunting the whole country. 


Michigan turkey season starts in the spring and runs from March to June. About 4 million acres of public land is available for turkey hunting, with an estimated population of about 200,000

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The state has a decent population of eastern wild turkey, and along with that, the state's warm weather is a gift for turkey hunters.

Plan your Turkey hunting trip to enjoy the thrilling hunting experience.

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