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Big Game Hunting

August 21, 2021 2 min read

Big Game Hunting

“The Hunting of large game animals for valuable products such as meat, taxidermy, trophy, antlers, furs, bones, tusks, body fat, or simply for sport.”

Big Game Animals:

There are different animals in different parts of the World that are considered big game animals; some of these animals are,

  • Lion

  • African elephant

  • Cape buffalo

  • Mountain goats

  • Antelope

  • Cougar

  • Moose 

  • Elk

  • Caribou

  • Bison

  • brown bear

  • African leopard 

  • Rhinoceros

  • mule deer

  • white-tailed deer

Methods for Big Game Hunting:

Big game hunters have developed different methods for big game hunting; some of them are

  • Ambush

  • Stalking

  • Driving


The ambush method means hunting practice from blinds. The actual meaning is to find something that covers or conceal yourself. 

The blinds can be the trees stand, ground blind, dugout blinds, cocking-cloths.


Stalking is the tracking or following of the animal until you can find him. The hunter camouflages his appearance, sound or sense to stalk his animal of interest. The period of stalking may vary depending upon different conditions. 


Driving or trapping is the act of directing animal movement and making the big game animal come to the place where the hunter can hunt the animal with his weapon. Making certain noises and using dogs and animals to trap the animals to move in the desired direction.

Big Game Hunting Equipments:

The weapons used for big game hunting are 

  • Bow and arrow

  • Firearms

  • Close-range weapons

  • Long-range weapons

  • Handheld weapons ( knives, hammers, bladed weapons, axes) 

The use of  large-calibre bullets is the most effective and ethical way of hunting big game animals. 

Bow and arrow hunting is another popular way of hunting used by skilled hunters to hunt big game animals. Bows can be  compound bows, recurve bows,  crossbows  etc., and the arrow can be made of fibreglass or carbon or some other material. 

The most common weapon to be used for big game hunting is the  firearm. The most used firearm is the rifle; others may be shotguns and handguns.

Hunting using  atlatls  and spears is primitive hunting, the skill that some hunters use for the adventurous and challenging hunting experience. 

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