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Bighorn Sheep Hunting

July 14, 2022 2 min read

Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Ovis canadensis Bighorn sheep live in rugged, dangerous habitats, which make sheep hunts more exciting and thrilling. There are two primary varieties of bighorn sheep, which are,

  • Desert Bighorn Sheep
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

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Bighorn sheep hunt is a game of mind; sheep hunt is spot and stalk hunting. You might not spot sheep, while sheep will instantly spot you. To know more about this curved horn sheep, you can visit our blog on BigHorn Sheep.

Bighorn Sheep Hunting:

The bighorn sheep hunting opportunities are minimal. If you are after this North American sheep hunt, you probably take into account the following points,

  • All the bighorn sheep hunting in the United States do not offer tag and cover-only outfitters services. Every year, only about a thousand tags are distributed. 


  • Pre season scouting might prove to be your lucky charm. 

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  • The best method for a bighorn sheep hunt is to spot and stalk while doing your stalking for the mighty sheep. You might also hunt elk, mule deer, and many other big game animals.


  • Be patient and observe the rams in the area so you may know the horn or body size. Once you get the true sense that bighorn rams are really big, try to shoot the largest ram of all. 


  • The best angles for shooting the bighorn rams are from the front and the side, so you may get the proper idea about the horn depth, size, and age of the sheep. 

Bighorn Sheep Hunting States:

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You can search a big game sheep in the following states,

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Utah Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Washington

Bighorn Sheep Hunting Gear:

The caliber of 30 is the best choice to knock down a bighorn sheep. Apart from your rifle, it would help you if you had the following essentials while you are going to hunt this mighty creature,

  • Binoculars 
  • Walking sticks
  • Camo clothing
  • Tent/ sleeping bag
  • Cooking stove

Binocular night vision device is very helpful as you have to search the sheep on the rocks and slopes, which are dark and dangerous. Walking sticks will help you to hike on the rocky mountains but also help you to walk with ease while carrying your heavy hunt on your back. 

Camo shirts are the perfect choice for bighorn sheep hunting because you must have to hide yourself appropriately and not make your hunt conscious. As you have to scout for several days, your tent or sleeping bag is small, so it will be handy to move it quickly according to climate conditions.

The Bighorn sheep hunt gives you the true essence of hunting as it is full of challenges, but in the end, you will hunt a trophy animal.

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