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August 27, 2021 2 min read


Bison are the ungulates and large surviving animals in North America and Europe. Bison bred to their genus, so offspring is called zubro


Six species of bison are extinct. The two surviving species are

  • American Bison

  • European Bison

American Bison:

American bison are present in North America; It is called buffalo. The American bison has two subspecies, namely,

  • Plain Bisson

  • Wood Bisson

European Bison:

European bison are present in Europe.


  • Bison have a large muscular body, and the coat is covered with long hairs.

  • American bison has 14 ribs, and European bison has 15 ribs.

  • Bison are cloven-hoofed ungulates.

  • American bison weigh about 1,270 kg, while European bison is 1,000 kg.

  • European bison are taller than American bison as European bison may reach about 9ft and American bison to 6ft.


Bison are herbivores and are ruminates. They have at least two hours per day grazing period, after which they rest, chew, and rechew the food. Bison are nomadic grazers and eat sedges and grasses.

Bison fine food that is rich in protein concentration. They mostly like the foliage, so they graze on burned areas with more foliage content, which shows that they migrate for their food selection. 


They are not high-altitude animals, so habitats are grasslands, semi-arid lands, sagebrush. American bison are present in river valleys and prairies. European bison are present in the woody areas and the areas with proper shrub cover.


The large size of Gibson results in fewer predators; however, some predators are

  • Grey wolves

  • Cougars

  • Humans

  • Grizzly bears

  • Tigers

  • Lions

  • Cave lions

  • Cave hyenas

  • Neanderthals 

Reproduction and Breeding:

August and September are breeding months; bison can live up to 15 years in the wild. Females mostly live in herds and can reproduce to at least at the age of 19 years. 

The size and weight of the calf depend upon the mother; if the mother is healthy and has good availability of food, so the calf produce is heavier. 

Bison Hunting:

Patience, strategy, and marksmanship are necessary for bison hunting as bison are herd animals. You should maintain a suitable distance of about 150 yards and then try your best to knock a bison down. Headshot is the most humane bison hunting method.

Certain factors such as wind, cold, traffic within the herd, and movements may affect the hunt. Therefore, you need to be precise and careful as you might get a single chance. 

Bison Hunting States:

Bison hunting is legal in certain states; some of them are

  • Alaska

  • Montana

  • Utah

  • Mexico

So be ready and start your trip to enjoy your bison hunt. 

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