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Black Bear Hunting

August 16, 2021 3 min read

Black Bear Hunting

The black bear is a suitable quarry for the hunters as the hair of the bear can be tanned and used for floor rugs and bed comforters, the fat of the bear is helpful for frying and in the pie. Moreover, bears offer more meat than any other deer and elk. So, bear hunting not only satisfies your hunting quest but also provides many benefits. 

Physical Appearance:


Black bears vary in color. The color may vary from black to white and cinnamon. Black color bears are common in the Eastern United States. In the West, the color mostly tends to be blonde. 

The environment significantly affects the color. For example, the dry climate makes the color blonde, while the wet environment imparts black to the bears.


Males are larger than females; the adult black bear is about 60 inches from nose to tail and 29 inches at the shoulders. 


Adult males weigh about 90 kg, and females are much smaller. The climate and food availability also controls the size and the weight. The weight of black bears is 20% more when they put the layers of fat before hibernation.

Diet of Black Bears:

Black bears are opportunistic, an omnivore. The diet varies according to location and climatic conditions. 

The essential diet includes  fruits, Forbes, insect larvae, meat as anadromous fish, fawns of deer, cranberry, beechnuts, wild strawberry, hazelnuts, yellow jackets, beetles, buds, corn, peaches, apples, etc.

Black Bear Reproduction and Breeding:

The female reproduces about 1 to 5 cubs every two years. Breeding mainly occurs in July. 

Males usually attack the cubs of their species to make the sows. 

Black Bear Habitat:

Black bears are primarily present in forests, from sea level to alpine areas. They cover the timbered mountain ranges on the Western side and the wooded swamps on the Eastern side. 

You can locate the bear habitats by specific indications such as claws and tooth marks on tree trunks, rotten logs, discarded fish carcasses.

Black Bear Hunting Season:

Different states have different regulations about black bear hunting, and the hunting seasons may also vary accordingly. 

The black bear hunting season may also be linked with the hunting method being used. For example, the hunting season may start in August and lasts till the end of October.

Black Bear Hunting Methods:

There are different methods to hunt bears, but be sure that you must follow the state's ethical hunting methods and hunting regulations. Some of the ways are 

  • Hunting with Baits

  • Hunting with Dogs

  • Hunting with Legal Equipment

Hunting with Baits:

The most common black bear hunting strategy is hunting using artificial baits. Bear bait may include a derivative thereof, plant or animal that is used to attract a bear. 

Hunting with baits is also known as hunting from an observation blind.

“With bears, you need to be careful withstand placement, but there are certainly differences from deer hunting. A good rule for bow hunters to follow is that you should place your tree stand no greater than a foot high for every yard you are from the bait.”_____Jerod Fink.

Hunting with Dogs:

Some hunters use the dogs to hunt the black bears, but you must keep in mind the following points

  • It is unlawful to use dogs to hunt bears during the open firearm season on deer.

  • It is unlawful and unethical to kill or wound a bear held at bay by another person’s dog.

  • You can not use more than six dogs to hunt a bear at a time.

Hunting with Legal Equipment:

The legal equipment to hunt the bear is 

  • Riffle

  • Muzzleloader

  • shotguns 

  • Handguns

Black bear hunting is a worthwhile experience to enjoy, so get yourself ready to shoot the big size bear. 

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