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Choose a Perfect Compound Bow for your Next Hunting Adventure!

May 20, 2021 3 min read

Choose a Perfect Compound Bow for your Next Hunting Adventure!

“Archers won’t become proficient unless they find a bow that fits them.”___ Mark Wenberg

Finding a perfect bow is as important as an athlete shoe. You must understand the fundamentals of archery for consistent shooting. To enjoy the bow hunting season in autumn you must need to practice a lot to understand the skill of bow hunting.  

Factors to Choose the perfect Compound Bow:

You must need to think about the following factors,

  • Bow Mass
  • Distance and type of hunting
  • Bow Speed
  • Draw Weight
  • Brace Height
  • Grip
  • Bow Accuracy
  • Bow Efficiency
  • Valley
  • Axle-to-Axle length 

Bow Mass:

While selecting a bow, you must know about the suitable mass of the bow as the total weight increases when you add a quiver of arrows. So If a bow is not of appropriate size, it is impossible to hold it steady during the aiming.

Distance and Type of Hunting:

Before selecting a particular hunting bow, you must have a clear idea that for what purpose you are using the bow and at what distance you must be aiming.

For Whitetail deer, the distance is less than about 20 yards, and for different elkantelopemule deer,most of the hunters maintained a distance of about 50 yards or more.

Bow speed:

One of the most important things you must keep in mind while choosing a best bow is its speed. There is a general rule that more  speed means less shootability.

The penetration is also essential; it decides whether you make a clean kill or not. The faster bow improves accuracy while the slower one improves precision.


“I won’t let a bow leave here unless it’s absolutely perfect,”_Seth Stevens.


Draw Weight:

Before choosing the perfect bow for your hunting season, you must study the draw weight. The right amount of weight makes a steady and smooth draw without any noise.

The suitable draw weight is the one that you can handle comfortably at the full draw, for 60 seconds and this is the general Thumb Rule for draw weight. The optimal draw weight for bow hunting is about 70 to 80 pounds.

Brace Height:

Brace height is the distance from the throat of your bow’s grip to the bowstring.

A general rule to have a bow with perfect brace height is “bows with longer brace heights will be slightly slower.”The bow that comes with the 6 1/2 to 7  1/2 inchesbrace height is considered the best.


This factor while choosing the bow is most intangible. The bow is not worth buying if you don’t feel comfortable with it, no matter how stunning it is in other senses. It can affect your torque while you are shooting.

The spongy grips can make it harder to achieve a torque-free shot. On the other hand, shooting with wood or even a metal that can scratch the grip produces a shoot with minimum torque.

Bow Accuracy:

You must have to understand bow accuracy.


"Bow accuracy is different from rifle accuracy." Matthew Every

Actually, you need not to worry about the bow's accuracy because you must have to be accurate with a given bow with practice.


"From the Hooter Shooter, I can get any bow to hit in the same hole at 20 yards and be very close to that out to 60 or 70."__ Seth Stevens.

Bow Efficiency:

F&S annual bow test  shows the bows near the top had efficiencies between 80  and 83  percent, while those finished near the bottom had efficiencies between  78 and 80  percent.

The energy you get out is proportional to the energy you put in as the bow is a pulley-and-lever system, so efficiency depends upon your energy.


The valley is actually to determine how much you can relax at a full draw. Slow bows have a wider valley compared to the faster ones means the slow bow provides more leeway, which is preferred by hunters.

Axel to Axel length:

The bow stability is related to the size and weight distribution. Long heavy bows are usually more stable as compared to short and light ones.

Professional hunters tend to use the bows with the 38 inches axel to axel length; this bow will give precise results and shoot faster.

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