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Deer Hunting Clothes Every Huntsman Wants This Season

November 27, 2020 3 min read

Deer Hunting Clothes Every Huntsman Wants This Season

A butt numbing all day sit in for that perfect bingo-bango can take its toll for even the toughest deer hunters. Merging with the natural setting and being patient are simply essential when keeping an eye out for that perfect buck to come out. 

Your outfit is a critical factor that dictates comfort, camouflage, and mobility when deer hunting in the wild outdoors. The ideal deer hunting shirt should keep the wearer relaxed, warm and hidden when waiting for that special buck to show itself.


The Camo 

For most huntsmen the camoor the camouflage is the primary aspect of choosing deer hunting t-shirts. Camouflage is necessary for deer, buck or antelope hunting if it certainly helps. The chosen camo is usually based on the prey’s ability to see those colors.
Deer, antelope and other members of this family only have bluish, and green-yellow light cells in their eyes. This means they cannot see purple, pink, red, and orange although they are highly vigilant of their surroundings.
Orange has been a very popular color found in deer hunting outfitters, a safety color for hunters in the outdoors. While a shiny orange deer hunting shirt may stand out to our eye like reflective wear in the night, a buck may not even notice it.
Therefore, ideal deer hunting clothes are chosen with the correct camo aesthetics to ensure blending into nature and not alerting the hunt of your presence. At Lelex Shop we offer a vibrant selection of deer hunting t-shirts built for high performance sport for high-endurance conditions.
Our selection of deer outfitters allow you to express yourself and your passion this holiday season.

Weather & Temperature

Huntsmen must choose the correct deer hunting apparel that must protect against weather and temperature. Your clothes must maintain comfort and breathability, because it's going to be very long before you get the perfect shot.

Lightweight deer hunting shirts are essential with a light insulated jacket. Many hunters choose several layers of camouflage in winter, while in the summer a simple deer hunting t-shirt can do. Quality deer hunting clothes offer heat & front control through their special construction and fabric.


Comfort may be the most important factor when staking out bucks in the wild. You don't want a fabric that itches and causes a heavy feeling because of sweat. Comfort deer hunting wear is designed to ensure your body has constant breathability and manages airflow to the skin.

If you may have noticed in athletes, their t-shirts are built to stick to their body while keeping them completely dry. The same tech is now offered in deer hunting clothes made from cotton synthetics to enhance comfort, and increase the life of the garment.

Hunting Shirts

Thermal Control

Like the perfect color, thermal control is critical when choosing your inner layer deer hunting clothes. T-shirts and even full sleeve deer outfitters must have ideal temperature control to protect the body from hypothermia in the winter and catching a cold during the summer.

Most hunting clothes today are constructed from cutting edge fabrics that provide a significant degree of thermal control. This is usually achieved by sandwiching several layers with the fabric for extra warmth and lighter weight.

One of the most utilitarian features of deer hunting t-shirts is their ability to keep body heat of the wearer stored inside. Treatment including micro-encapsulation and coating of fabrics allows the fibers to retain heat instantly.


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