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Goose Hunting

August 13, 2021 3 min read

Goose Hunting

Goose hunting comes under the category of waterfowl hunting. Geese share almost the same habitat and hunting seasons as ducks. 

Snow goose hunting is a different experience in your life. The snow geese mostly migrate during the spring season so that you can witness the spring snow geese spread over miles.


The hunting season may vary according to the species as

Canadian Geese:

The season of Candian goose is through January. The Canadian goose is also called White-fronted geese.


The season of brant is from December to January.

Light Geese:

The season is from October to February.



You must have the following things if you make your mind for the goose hunting,

  • Shotgun & steel shot

  • Hunting license

  • Decoys

  • Blinds

  • Calls equipment

  • Appropriate clothing (be prepared for every condition)

  • Rubber boots-knee high 

  • Cooler

  • Snacks & non-alcoholic beverages

  • Ziplock bag (to keep your things safe)


There are specific locations where you can enjoy goose hunting; some of them are given below, 


The hunters enjoy hunting in Pennsylvania; the Canada geese hunt count is about  276,000. Pennsylvania offers more birds than any other state in the country. Scott Reinhart says 

"During the early season, the hunting is good all over Pennsylvania.”

New York:

On average,124,000 geese hunted during the past years in New York. The top pick hunting area is the  Finger Lakes region. St. Lawrence River is also a good place for early season hunting. 


Abundant agriculture provides the best habitat, and over the past three seasons, the geese hunt count is about  161,000.


The western portion of the state with abundant lakes and agriculture provides the sight for waterfowl hunting. More than 217,000 geese have been hunted during the last three seasons.


Illinois is the hot spot for the hunters to start within the north, with 143,000 geese per season. 

North Dakota:

North Dakota hunters hunt  121,000 Canadian geese per season. North Dakota waterfowl biologist Mike Szymanski says 

"Hunters are setting up on birds in barley fields and cornfields for the most part, "We also have more and more pea fields in the state, and these are usually pretty good for goose hunting.”


  • Flag Them Down:

When geese are off in the distance, the best and the essential thing is flagging. Steve Panaroni__"I would not hunt without a flag. That's a critical thing."

On a foggy day, instead of calling, flag them down.

  • Stay Motionless:

One of the golden rules is to keep still and don’t move at all. Although everybody in the blind wears a face mask on the safe side, the little discipline will help you hunt more geese in your decoy spread. 

  • Spread your decoys:

Spread out your decoys at an appropriate distance. For example, Canada geese have about four feet wings spread; the bigger bird has about six feet. 

  • Your comfort is a priority:

Conrad said,"If you're not warm and comfortable and prepared to stay out in the blind all day, you might miss the flight completely."

When decoys, calling, hunting season are essential, the comfort of hunters is also very important.

  • Make Goose Calls:

Sean Hammock ___ “Sound like a goose, and think like a goose!”Try to make the calls like a live goose. Hunting situations can be different so learn how to call loud and soft. Choose different styles of calling.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd:

In the areas of excellent hunting, pressure doesn’t try to spread your decoys like other hunters.

“Curiosity kills geese.”so try to keep your decoys and calling different from others.

  • Practice Shooting:

Practice always makes you perfect; practising in natural hunting situations is a great idea. You need to make every shot count.

So, get ready for your goose hunting season.

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