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How I Can Prepare For Upcoming Deer Season

August 31, 2023 3 min read

How I Can Prepare For Upcoming Deer Season

Can you smell deer season?

Well, as we all know deer season is just around the corner, and hunters all over the world can feel the happiness and excitement to get those big bucks. Most states in the USA hold their deer hunting season in September and October. Generally, deer season for archery and rifle hunting starts in September and continues to the end of October or early November. The exact dates of the start of the season and any associated regulations will differ by state, so it is important to check your local regulations before participating.

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“Good things come to those who wait.”

Well, the wait is over but before the start of the season, we all know hunters should prepare for the big game. On the one hand hunting benefits are huge but there lies great responsibility on the hunter’s shoulders.

We have already talked about types of deer in North America and a guide about hunting in fall but today's blog is particularly about how one can prepare for the grand upcoming deer season.

How I Can Prepare for Upcoming Deer Season:

Here are some tips for you to be pro this season.

  • Sight in Your Bow or Rifle
  • Talk to Farmers
  • Set up Trail Cameras
  • Check Your Gear
  • Clear Travel Paths
  • Put Effort to Plant and Maintain Food Plots
  • Work on Physical Health

Sight in Your Bow or Rifle:

If you're serious about making a solid, clean shot and we should all be serious about that, you need to spend a lot of time fine-tuning your bow or rifle before then. The long summer days are ideal for getting your firearm ready, and you want to practice a lot before heading out into the woods. Starting early offers you a chance to discover the ideal load or broadhead and arrow combination, and the range will usually be less congested.

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Talk to Farmers:

Local farmers are the only ones who truly know what's going on in your hunting territory. Farmers typically have a pretty clear notion of what the deer are doing since they spend a lot of the summer planting, spraying, and baling hay.

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Additionally, they might be able to provide priceless information about where the large game is eating. The majority of farmers are also inundated with requests to hunt on their property in the late summer and early fall. You might be able to get a foot in the door by leaving early and approaching the local landowners.

Set up Trail Cameras:

Being a pro hunter you know the summer is a perfect season to set up cameras to take as many pictures of the deer as you can as it helps you to keep track of the deer's movements. You will have a better understanding of the local deer travel patterns if you do this. More significantly, you'll know which deer use your hunting area as part of their home range. While it's possible to get a buck early in the season, it's more crucial to know the deer's home area so you can be nearby when the rut begins in late September.

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Check Your Gear:

The worst thing is going to the woods in the fall only to discover that your stand is crumbling. In order to check your gear, it's always a good idea to suit up and travel out to your preferred hunting location in August. To help with improving field accuracy, you can even shoot a few targets from your stand. Along with sharpening your broadheads and hunting knives, make sure your rangefinder has fresh batteries.

Clear Travel Paths:

A clear road enables a stealthy approach. Nothing wrecks an early season hunt like stumbling and falling to your stand as you cross logs that have fallen and make your way through honeysuckle and multiflora rose forests. Clear an access path to your hunting spot during the summer, and make sure you have a few options open depending on the wind direction.

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Put Effort to Plant and Maintain Food Plots:

In the late spring and summer, creating food plots is one of the main responsibilities of land managers. There is a lot of work to be done; soil testing, mowing, spraying, planting, fertilizing, and plowing should all be finished before the fall hunting season. 

The best way to attract big bucks is to maintain and manage food plots.

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