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Hunting Strategies

October 20, 2022 3 min read

Hunting Strategies

Hunting Strategies are the techniques and skills which hunters used to hunt different animals, and these strategies vary according to the animal, habitat, and season.

The strategies and techniques are the skills that hunters learn with experience and if you are a beginner you should learn different techniques' and methods from your experienced mentor.

A skillful hunter always try to follow different techniques and methods and different habitats for hunting.

Hunting Strategies:

There are 6 basic strategies that a skilled hunter used as per the need. Each and every skill has its own pons and cons and requires equal attention and practice. The six basic hunting strategies or methods are,

  • Stalking
  • Still Hunting
  • Elevated Stands
  • Posting
  • Calling
  • Ground Blinds


Stalking is often regarded as silent hunting, as you are precise about your movements so that the animal won’t notice you. This strategy depends upon concentration on not only animal trail but also other factors like sun position, wind movements and habitat condition and all these observations helps you to move and follow the animal trail on the wet path, snow as well as you should follow the animal odor and calls. 

Pc: Pixabay

This strategy requires patience and alert and focused.

Still Hunting:

Still hunting is the best strategy to explore the new habitat, this strategy involves the focused walking from a particular habitat and search of the animal. The main difference between still hunting and stalking is that in the later one, you are searching the already spotted animal. In still hunting you are going to know more about animal behavior what he eats, where does he sleep. 

Pc: Unsplash

Binoculars will really helpful to observe movements and spend longer time in observing. A pro-tip about still hunting is that you should keep the wind on your face, so an animal won't get your scent. 

Elevated Stands:

Elevated stands are the tower stands or the tree stands, although it is restricted type of hunting as it offers no motion yet this method has advantages like you are out of sight of animals as well as you can easily overlook all the obstacles and other things from a stand. 

Pc: Unsplash

However, hunting from elevated stands require proper inspection of the stands, wind direction as well speed of wind, other factors like birds and different insects. Hunting from elevated stands is particularly more common in the habitats with dense cover.


Posting is particularly used for dove and other upland game hunting, and it is basically standing or sitting at one particular position which you are sure about animal’s daily travel. While you are posting, take into account your comfort as first priority and be mindful about your shot. Posting is mainly done on a trail near the water body, or any particular food source. You must have binoculars to look around the area, to know about the distance, and it will be really helpful in making a good shot. 

Pc: Unsplash


Calling is the effective and broad strategy to attract animals, a hunter must know about different calls as there are 

  • Feeding Calls
  • Distress Calls
  • Territorial Calls
  • Mating Calls
  • Fighting Calls

Calling is a bit tricky as different animals are attracted to different calls during different seasons. As much as you are master to mimic your prey calls, your success rate will be higher.

Ground Blinds:

This strategy involves hiding from the animals behind certain cover, either a tree, bush, rock, logs and sometimes particular camouflage hunting apparel. While, selecting a ground blind, you should keep in mind that

  • It must be away from the sun
  • The ground blind is safe from back and front
  • The ground blind is build at certain place with normal wind pressure

A ground blind is build before the start of season to avoid any noise and movement that will spook the animal. Moreover, while building a ground blind, keep in mind that your movements are restricted, and you have to wait for the animal within your best shot range. 

Pc: Unsplash

Share your hunting strategies and experience with us.

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