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Is Winter an Ideal Season For Hunting?

November 30, 2022 2 min read

Is Winter an Ideal Season For Hunting?

Winter, the season as the last opportunity for the hunters to enjoy the big game hunting before the season end. A lot of people think winter is the time for the cozy room and enjoying a mug of hot chocolate, but being a hunter, I can surely say you will think otherwise.

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For hunters, winter is the time to improve their hunting skills and to enjoy the chills of the weather while enjoying a deer at the dinner. No matter if you are a pro hunter or a beginner, you will agree to my point. Exposing yourself to harsh conditions brings a unique thrill and adventure to yourself.

Animals to Hunt During Winter Season:

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Following are the few most hunted big and small game animals which hunters love to hunt during the chills to end the hunting season successfully,

Reasons to Go for Winter Hunting:

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If You are wondering why you should go for winter hunting trips, here is your motivation,

  • Winter routine of animals, as mostly animals become sluggish during winter and move to their habitat for resting periods, it is the time when you can easily approach them.
  • The snow cover will help you to observe animals tracks more easily, and animal blood trails after you make a shot, and such trails will help you find your hunt.
  • Less hunting pressure, as only a few dedicated hunters are brave enough to go for hunting in winter season and as a result woods are less crowded.
  • Intense weather conditions kills most of the pests, and it will also help you to be more focus during the hunting.
  • Clear sight as lack of foliage will make the view more clear, it is also a plus point.
  • Winter hunting also offers you to enjoy the scenic views and connect with nature.
  • Winter hunting apparel, provides you a better camouflage. Lelex Shop has an amazing collection of camouflage hunting hoodies and t-shirts.

Winter Hunting Tips:

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If you have mind for some adventurous hunting trip go for winter hunting, here are some tips for you,

  • While searching, go to the areas near the water sources, and look to food abundant areas, as harsh winters make the animals to move even to the open grounds in search of water and food.
  • While going to winter hunting trip make sure you master your still hunting domain as it will really helpful.
  • Observe and scout the bedding areas, where animals rest and to keep themselves warm.
  • Practice your low pressure hunting skills in the fall to enjoy winter season hunting.
  • Very precise and focus observation is the key of winter hunting, you should be aware of your surroundings as well as cautious not to scare your prey.

North America Best Winter Hunting States:

Here are the top 5 states for winter hunting season,

  • Florida - Turkey Hunting
  • Montana - Deer, Bighorn, Mountain lion Hunting
  • South Dakota - Pheasant Hunting
  • Nunavut - Muskox Hunting
  • Arizona - Quail Hunting

So, pack your gear and head towards your favorite destination for winter hunting.

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