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Late Season Deer Hunting Guide

February 22, 2023 3 min read

Late Season Deer Hunting Guide

Late season deer hunting is not everyone’s cup of tea as there is no surety about success, but above all it is a lifetime experience and brings many new lessons and makes you a pro deer hunter. This blog is about the late season deer hunting guide, as it is the knowledge which different hunters from our hunting family share with us.

Thing to Focus While Hunting in Late Season:

While a hunter makes his mind to go hunting he should first ask himself the three important questions when to hunt, where to hunt, and how to hunt. Here is a list of a few things you need to be more focused about, 

Avoid Mornings and Wait for the Right Conditions:

You need to wait for the wind, sun, location, scouting data and other hunting conditions to be optimal and to be in your favor before you make a strike because if you randomly go and hunt it will increase your chance of error and there are chances that you will never go to see a buck again. 

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While talking about the right time, it is mostly advised to choose the evening time to go after a buck. It is because deer are most likely to feed during evening, and it will help you to approach a deer without making him conscious.

A Grainy or Grassy Area or a Honey Hole to Search:

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If you have a control over the hunting property, I would suggest you to create your own honey hole within limits and plant your own kind of vegetation providing with the bedding spot nearby and wait for the late season. Where to hunt is not a complex question, as deer have different feeding patterns according to conditions. On a colder winter day, deer prefer the grainy foods like beans, raps, corns, kale, turnips and other such high energy foods, while on a slightly warmer day they love the green vegetation like clover fields

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Late season deer hunting location is all about food availability, so it will really help the hunter to locate the deer.

Stay Warm and Protected:

While thinking about how to hunt, the first and foremost thing is your comfort and protection. Lelex Shop has amazing deals for comfortable deer hunting apparel, a few of them are, 

For hunting approach, I would suggest to play for the smart and safe access and exit. As much as time and conditions should be ideal for late season hunting the same is the case with hunting strategies, if you spook the deer it is your last time seeing it. The best way is to rely on low impact scouting by using a drone camera or roaming the vehicle in the midday. The best way is to observe from the distance and spend two or more nights in the field for better observation and understanding. 

Best States For Late Season Deer Hunting:

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Here are some of the states you can trust with your hunting deer quest in the late February,

  • Texas, the state to be called as the late action at border 
  • Florida, the state of the redneck riviera and muzzleloader season till early March
  • Alabama, the late season gold standard
  • Mississippi, known for its primitive opportunities
  • Virginia, the state to offer urban archery hunts till 29 March

You can also visit our blogs like how to hunt deer and best states for winter deer hunting for further help. We hope you enjoy late season hunting in your favorite state before the season ends. 

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