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Late Spring Turkey Hunt

May 03, 2023 3 min read

Late Spring Turkey Hunt

The time of the year arrived when everyone feels the sweet breeze and happiness in the air. Late Spring is the wonderful time and considered as good news for the hunters because it is the back of hunting season. Today's blog is about the late spring turkey hunt, a late spring turkey hunt is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

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Everyone loves turkey hunting we have also posted a couple of blogs about turkey such as, subspecies of wild turkey, the best wild turkey hunting states, and many more you can check them for some interesting facts.

Best Months for Late Spring Turkey Hunt:

The end of April till start of June is the ample time to go and hunt turkey for your dinner. However, turkey hunters are early risers, as the early morning is considered to be the perfect time for a perfect shot. 

Late Spring Turkey Hunting Tips:

Less is more, with the right attitude and knowledge, anyone can have a successful and enjoyable turkey hunt, make sure you take necessary precautions and know about the rules and regulation of the area you choose to hunt. Here are a few late season turkey hunting tips that might be helpful.

  • Be patient
  • Place your decoys wisely
  • Don’t overcall
  • Use the right hunting gear
  • Dress yourself in comfortable hunting apparel

Be Patient:

Turkey hunt is all about patience and practice, as in the late season turkeys are on high alert and pressured, so you should adopt a methodological approach. As the weather conditions are changing and so far the vegetation is also dense and greener, all these factors might be irritating but be patient and be logical and take some extra time to think before you make your first move.

Pc: Pixabay

Place Your Decoys Wisely:

The factor of prime importance is decoys placement while you are hunting turkey in the late season. Use the taller decoys stakes or place the decoys on the higher points like hills to make your decoys more visible as vegetation is dense.

Be the lone hen to attract the gobbler, and place the jake decoys a distance from the lone hen decoy. The decoys in the late season should be kept as simple as possible and giving no sense of dominance to attract and replicate turkey behavior.

Don’t Overcall:

Toned downed and slow calling are the keys to a successful late spring turkey hunt. Light clucks, seductive yelps followed by a few purrs, gobblers yelp and other such soft and subtle calls are good. Call sparingly, and after you make a call, wait for half an hour for the response before making another call. A pro-tip is to get close to a roasting tom before making a call

Use The Right Hunting Gear:

The use of a shotgun is the most common method for harvesting a turkey, although bows and crossbows can also be used. A big gun, heavy payload and tight choke which you can comfortably handle to knock down a turkey as in late season hunting there are minimal chances of mistakes.

Pc: Unsplash

Dress Yourself in Comfortable Hunting Apparel:

The field comfort must be your top priority, so always choose the apparel which is breathable and lightweight and the material used is soft and comfortable. Lelex Shop hunting apparel meet all demands of hunters here are a few turkey hunting designs you can choose from,

Enjoy your last days of spring season with the turkey hunting adventures.

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