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Mistakes to Avoid During Game Birds Hunting

February 20, 2023 3 min read

Mistakes to Avoid During Game Birds Hunting

Hunting is a unique experience which you master with time, and you learn from your mistakes. Either you are a beginner or a pro hunter sometimes you encounter a tough situation, here is a blog for our hunting family to avoid mistakes while you are after waterfowl or upland birds.

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Mistakes to Avoid During Game Bird Hunting:

Here is the list of general and specific mistakes you should not make for a successful hunting experience.

Not enough practice during off-season:

The first mistake hunters make is they waste the prefect time when they can learn different skills and practice much to master themselves and to know more about the hunt. Off-season time should be taken as a golden opportunity to learn birds behaviors, this thing will help you while you are in the field during season. 

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Not Reloading the Gun at the right moment:

Usually the upland game birds take a flush flight after the shoot, while they are taking the flight in this short period you have to reload your gun and ready to take the second shoot at the same time. You need to be active and reload your weapon in a blink of an eye. Similarly, a dirty gun will also make a mess, keep yourself and your weapon clean and ready. 

Not hiding properly:

Ahh! It is the worst sign and most of the game bird hunters either waterfowl hunters or upland hunters they do not know the importance of a right kind of camouflage. If you learn the art of hiding properly while you are after a waterfowl, you will win the game. The camouflage can be in the form of clothing, blinders, and other such accessories which will make you disappear from the sight of your hunt. 

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Shooting uplands too quickly:

This mistake make a lot of difference in the same way of reloading the weapon at the right time. You must have to understand the bird's response in order to master the timing when to shoot and when to give birds a few second before making another shoot. For this, you have to spend more time in the field and make your off-season more productive. 

Not using the proper decoys:

A big mistake hunters make is placing decoys and choosing the right decoys. The birds specially geese and ducks will not attract towards if you place decoys too close, such tight decoys will make birds nervous. Not only decoys placement but also the proper color selection is the key, too much shiny and glaring decoys is the alarm of danger for the birds. 

Pc: Pixabay

Not providing a good cover:

Similarly, many hunters cover in a wrong way being a team in the field, you have to learn the ways you should provide a proper cover after you make a shoot. Your dog must cover from downside and your partner must come upside of wind direction.

Not choosing right position to stalk:

Ahh! While hunting game birds, this thing is as important as breathing, if you do not position yourself at the right spot you will probably be going to spook the bird. I would suggest you to maintain a distance of at least 10 yards.

While hunting waterfowl you remain to be motionless a big mistake which hunters made is they move and their movements even the slightest one make the birds conscious, you have to stay low and move slowly to approach the bird.

Too many random calls:

While hunting game birds, calls are really important, but you need to understand the importance and the types of calls. You have to wait the birds' response to your call before you make another one, in doing so your calls sounds more natural to the birds, and they will take them seriously.

The list will never end, however, you can also share some of the mistakes you made and learn to correct them with your experience.

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