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November Buck Hunting Strategies

November 16, 2023 2 min read

November Buck Hunting Strategies

The time of the season has arrived when passionate hunters get out of their warm beds and head toward the woods before sunrise. November is considered to be the favorite month of the season as it is full of adventures fear of being lost in the woods, or to be frozen with the deadly low temperature but still the thrill of buck hunting wins.

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November Buck Hunting Strategies:

Buck hunting in November can be an exciting and rewarding experience, as it coincides with the peak of the rut (mating season) for white-tailed deer in many regions. Here are some strategies you can consider for November buck hunting

Trick The Doe:

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Consider what you can accomplish first in November to get the most payoff. But keep in mind that you will need to prepare to trick the does before the bucks even get to your shooting lanes while you are hunting close to doe groups. This is the moment to pay close attention to the direction of the wind and your fragrance. Even if the bucks are in love, you can be sure the sage old does are keeping a close eye on things. As there is a golden saying, 

Hunt Does To Find Bucks In November

Additionally, you should prepare to shoot any approaching deer you spot because any one of the does could be leading a healthy buck.

Plan Your Hunt In The Early Morning:

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The does will feed in the early mornings before returning to their bedding quarters. Since bucks typically try to cut a doe's track between a feeding source and a bedding spot, it is advised to put your stand in between them. Because bucks will patrol these pathways throughout the morning, place the stands closer to the sleeping regions in the morning. Sightings of deer should be plentiful if you hunt these routes between food and bed.

Prefer To Hunt Heat Cover:

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Most likely, the heavier cover, sometimes known as the heat cover, had the does confined inside. The regions with abundant food supplies. In quest of receptive does, bucks will frequently prowl these locations. The thicker, the better as more and more does visit and as a consequence you have better chances to hunt mature bucks.

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