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Predator Hunting in Winter

January 12, 2023 3 min read

Predator Hunting in Winter

January to March considered as peak winter season in the United States, which meaning freezing winds, cold temperature, falling snow, and many other factors will cause the hunting activities to be slowed down. Winters are mostly regarded as “off-deer season” in many states. Not to worry as bitter cold temperature cannot down the enthusiasm of a dedicated hunter.

Winter season is best for the predators hunting to sharpen the hunting skills and to satisfy your inner hunting passion. Coyotes being one of the most mysterious and territorial game animals, to know more about you can also check our blogs about coyote hunt and best coyote hunting states.

Pc: Pixabay

Why to Hunt Coyote in Winters:

I must say that being a predator hunting fanatic, your new year’s resolution must be a coyote hunt. If you are wondering why winters are considered as best time to hunt coyotes, there are some solid reasons which will surely motivate you to go on a predator hunt,

Winter is Breeding Season:

Winter months specially the month of January and February are considered as best time to hunt coyotes as these months are regarded the months when the coyotes are looking for the love, looking for their mates to breed. Coyotes in doing so are most active and responsive to calls.

Low Availability of Food:

Even harsh winters won’t stop the coyote and being predator they are always in search of food, but snow and cold temperature drain their energy and this is the time when they can easily be trapped with some of their favorite food, rabbit, mice, rodents, etc.

Any food call is more appealing to their ears, and they will rush towards it. 

Best Winter Calls For Coyotes:

Being a hunter you have to master your strategies according to the conditions, the following calls will help you hunt predators in winter,

  • Whimpers
  • Female howls
  • Whines
  • Challenge howls
  • Lone howls
  • Rodent squeaks

Pc: Unsplash

Some Tips For Winter Coyote Hunt:

Predator hunting specially in winters is not a piece of cake but your persistence, dedication and some tips might be helpful.

  • Learn coyotes behavior so you can be successful in your hunt, coyotes are known to hunt in the places where they can hide themselves to not spook their preys. Find the places that provide natural camouflage, such as bushes.

Pc: Unsplash

  • The natural alarms and signs are really helpful to pick your exact hunting locations, observe the signs such as birds circling over a particular area, as well as an agitated and scared animal running quickly. Other signs can be animal tracts in snow and mud.
  • Scouting is really helpful as it helps you to know the coyotes territories and their calling and feeding behaviors. Be creative in your calling and think with an open mind. This backtracking will be helpful, and you will have idea about different locations where the predator can go in different times of the day.
  • While you are making calls, make sure wind direction and speed is in your favor and do not turn your call into simple noise. A pro-tip is to put your set-up downwind, as it coyote's domination trait that they chase their prey downwind. 
  • Winter does not mean to sit and wait for the warmer days, but to dress in winter hunting apparel and to chase the hunt of your dreams. Lelex Shop has some amazing deals and bundles for the perfect winter hunting outfit, check today deals section for amazing hunting surprise boxes.

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