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Prepare For Fall Bear Hunting

August 23, 2023 2 min read

Prepare For Fall Bear Hunting

Fall hunting is an excellent opportunity for experienced hunters to hone their skills as bears can be very elusive. Depending on the state and type of bear hunting license, a hunter can typically pursue black bears and sometimes brown or grizzly bears. The fall season runs from late August to late November, and sometimes, late December in the northern states. Fall bear hunting overlaps with deer hunting season so it will be an excellent opportunity to go for both. Bears can be more easily hunted during fall as they are on the move relentlessly feeding on the fall crops to fatten up for the winter.

Pack Like A Pro:

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Be A Responsible Hunter:

Follow all rules and regulations and respect game animals as this time is considered a critical time for animals. Apply for your hunting license and keep in touch with locals to understand the current situation more deeply.

Tips For Successful Bear Hunting:

  • Scouting is the best thing you can do right now. The cool weather and harvest of nuts and berries create a great time for hunters to stalk their prey. Scouring the backwoods for tracks, following a bear’s sign, such as scat or gnawed logs, and being able to identify its bedding site are all fantastic ways to increase one’s odds.
  • Learn different techniques and found the best areas you can go. Check the digital maps daily and learn about all factors. You can also check our blog about the top 5 black bear hunting states
  • Safety must be your top priority while planning the hunt for this mighty creature. Invest in camouflage clothing and maximize your chances.

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  • Set up strategically, and consider wind direction and visibility while selecting a hunting spot. The downward spot from your target is ideal.
  • A packable decoy also proves to be quite useful as black bears tend to exhibit aggressive behavior when coming face-to-face with a simulated bear.
  • Bear hunting is all about practice and patience. Practice your shot placement and be patient, remain still and calm while being ready for an adrenaline rush encounter. 
  • Find the perfect food sources if you are able to find food you will definitely going to find a bear.

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  • The game is not only to find food sources but also to locate water on maps. The spot around the water sources labeled o the maps are the perfect to start as bears love to swim and sleep there. The muddy place around these water sources can also help to locate bear tracks.

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  • One of the important factors for a successful bear hunt is masking your scent. Bears have an extraordinary sense of smell so make sure to eliminate any scent and odour.

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