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February 04, 2023 3 min read


Rabbits, bunnies or bunny rabbits of the family Leporidae is one of the most common and traditional small game of the United States which are most loved by all hunters. 

Pc: Pixabay

Total Species of Rabbits:

 Out of total 29 species of the genera, 17 species of rabbit which are common in North and South America are known as cottontails. If you are planning to enjoy the most rewarding and thrilling hunting adventure, you must know about the hunting regulations and license requirements for a particular state or area.

The most hunted rabbit species are, 

  • Brush rabbit
  • Eastern cottontail
  • Nuttal’s cottontail

Rabbit Hunting Techniques:

Pc: Pixabay

There are two most widely used hunting techniques all over the world, 

  • Hunting with Dogs
  • Hunting without Dogs

The second method is a bit challenging, but still you still get the reward on your dinner table, I would suggest hunting in snow. Hunting with dogs is also a fun experience, Beagles breed is mostly preferred. 

Rabbit Hunting Season:

Rabbit can be hunt round the year, but mostly the hot season is from September and runs tills the end of February. Mostly hunters love to hunt rabbits in spring, however for me, it is better late than never.  February is considered as the breeding month of cottontail rabbits.

While talking about the time of the day rabbits are most active you must consider the weather conditions as on a sunny warmer day after a cold swipe, rabbits are mostly active during daytime as they try to regulate internal temperature. Low humid as well as strong windy days are less preferred. 

Tips and techniques to Enjoy Rabbit Hunting in Winter:

Being a hunter, there are some hot tips to enjoy your small game hunting,

Understand Rabbit Habitats:

Rabbit hunting is not a rocket science, all you need to know about the places rabbit inhabit most of the time. Cottontail rabbit mostly prefer swamps, briar, brushes, creek bottoms, junkyards, power line cuts, deserted barns and other edge covers. Rabbits mostly preferred the habits near thick cover as well as forage.

Pc: Pixabay

Understand Rabbit Behaviors:

Rabbit has very mysterious defensive measures although being a timid herbivore they will hide themselves in the vegetation, but your main goal is to flush them out they have zigzag leaping motions and counter circle movements. Be vigilant and observe the rabbit droppings, rabbit have big ears, so they listen your steps from far away while looking in a certain spot wait and stand still for a while, the rabbit will themselves flush out considering that you might stop chasing them. 

Pc: Pexels

Perfect Gear For Winter Rabbiting:

Being a passionate winter hunter, you must know about the perfect equipment you need in the field. Fireman, shotguns, crossbows. Take the broad head, which is ideal for the small game animals, specially the rabbit. But before hunting with a particular gear, you must know about the area specific regulations.

Orange vest is necessary in certain areas, comfortable and warm clothing will be the best option. 

Dressing Your Hunt:

Either you are a big or small game hunter, dressing your hunt is the matter of art and experience. Start butcher your hunted rabbit from the hind and fore legs and then head and rib cage. Now you are left with the meat, which can be further cut to bite size pieces.

Learn Different Rabbit Recipes:

Learn and share the delicious rabbit recipes to enjoy the soft and tender rabbit meat in the dinner as a reward of hunting in cold. 

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