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Small Game Hunting

September 30, 2021 2 min read

Small Game Hunting

Hunting small games is a challenging and entertaining experience. Today everybody is just after the big game animals but hunting small game requires skills, confidence, and a strong sense of cunning. Therefore, small game animal hunting is considered an art.

Small Game Animal:

Each state has its criteria for small game animals. Generally, it can be described as,

“Small game animals are any smaller-sized animals usually under the weight of 40 pounds and are hauntable.”


  • Mammals (Coyotes and Raccoons)

  • Upland birds (Turkey and Pheasants)

  • Waterfowl (Ducks and Geese)

  • Rabbits

  • Squirrels

  • Amphibians (Frog)

Small Game Hunting Season:

It can be done all day long, but early morning hours are the best time to hunt small game animals. First, consider the natural conditions for a successful small game animal hunt. The ideal conditions are when there is less wind, and the sun is beating down, it isn’t raining.

The season usually starts from September and lasts till March or April. Fall is the best season for hunting birds as tree leaves fall and it becomes easy to spot birds, and winter is the best season to hunt the other animals as the trails on the snow help you locate where the animal is.

Where to Hunt:

Forested areas in the United States have a wide variety of small game animals. Look for the feeding area like crops; the animals use the nearby water sources for drinking, and stalking the brush and shorelines of lakes, creeks, and ponds will help you satisfy the hunting quest. 

Small Game Hunting Gear:

The gear for small game hunting is so simple and with minimum preparation. For hunting small game, you need

  • Rifle

  • Slingshot

  • Bow

  • Air Rifle


The rifle can be the best choice for hunting small game. It will help you to make the right shot without damaging too much meat.


A slingshot can be one of the most effective weapons for killing small games. It provides better precision than other options, as it is an extension of your wrist and hand.


Hunting a small game with a bow is challenging and will test your archery skills. This will require a lot of practice and patience. However, small game hunting with a bow will make you an amiable person and a better person. 

Air Rifle:

These are another option, and these action-pumped guns are great as more affordable, generally safer, quieter. Air rifles can also be mounted with scopes. 

Small Game tips:

  • Wear lightweight boots. Consider hikers, moccasins, or sneakers.

  • Attune to sounds like the scratching of claws on the bark and the cutting of teeth on acorns.

  • Try to place the sun at your back, sit for a long time to observe, and move when the wind blows.

  • Use your binoculars to find the game, scan every shadow and brush pile for rabbits and squirrels. You can easily get these binoculars night vision device from here. 

  • Practice well and focus on your anchor point and strive to get a clean release.

  • Hunt solo as much as possible.

  • Dress well for the hunting and choose orange-colored clothing.

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