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Start Getting Ready for Duck Season Now!

July 27, 2023 4 min read

Start Getting Ready for Duck Season Now!

Being a waterfowl hunter especially a duck hunter these humid hot summer days are pretty frustrating. September through January are the months for duck hunters while summers can be months of suffering. Duck hunters dread waiting for the autumn, the first cold front which brings back the joy of outdoor adventures, the thrill of hunting, the happiness of socializing with other waterfowl hunters, along with enjoying cooking under open starry skies.

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Although summertime is quite boring it is an ample time that you can utilize to prepare for the fast-approaching duck season. You can also check our previous duck hunting blogs such as a guide about duck hunting.  In Today's blog we will share are some reminders for duck hunters to prepare for the season during this downtime period. So start getting ready for duck season now!

Tips to Get Ready For Upcoming Duck Season:

Here are some tips or reminders which will surely help you,

  • Make a plan for the season
  • Check your favorite spots
  • Track the summer storms
  • Clean your duck calls
  • Check your shotgun
  • Practice ensure perfection
  • Scout the area to locate food sources
  • Train your retriever
  • Fix up your duck blind
  • Shop duck hunting apparel

Make A Plan For The Season:

Having a plan is essential for successful duck hunting, a wisely devised and a good one. Your plan must include where you want to start what will be your hunting approach and which spot you likely going to hit. Read the waterfowl hunting journal for the previous duck hunting season objectives as last season is a good starting point for planning this season.

Check Your Favorite Spots:

Another practical strategy to make use of your time throughout the summer is to check your favorite sites. Prior to the start of the new hunting season, utilize the summer months to visit your preferred hunting sites a few times in case you need to make any adjustments to your hunting map.

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Some of the changes that are gradually taking place due to seasonal weather changes may not even be noticeable when you are in the middle of the season. You can have completely different terrain after the season is through. 

Track The Summer Storms:

Tracking summer storms is kind of a plus point as after intense humid summer days there is always a possibility of rainfall or even storms. That heavy rainfall will create pounds for mallards to gather. Many hunters dislike too much water since it can spread the birds out too thinly over an area, and a strong late-summer thunderstorm may be to blame for that. Track those summer storms accordingly because it may be necessary to know that information as early as September.

Moreover, the rain storms can also change your favorite hunting spot from last season and it also affects the food availability.

Clean Your Duck Calls:

It's the time to dust off your duck calls which mesmerized and gain duck attention last year and start each season with a new reed. When your call is perfectly tuned practice with purpose. Do practice in outdoor places and compare your calls with live duck recordings. If you are planning to buy a new duck call it is the right time to order so you can have your package on time.

Check Your Shotgun:

While preparing for duck season giving your shotgun a checkup is as important as other preparations. Clean your shotgun with suitable cleaning methods don’t just rub it off. Blow the grime out with a compressed air tank and it will clean the receiver and trigger. Polish the metal surfaces with lubricants.

Check out your gun if there are any parts that are worn out and need replacement. Clean all rusty springs as the grimed-out action springs results in malfunction. 

Practice Ensure Perfection:

The simplest and the most important preparation. While there aren't enough ducks around during the summer, practicing and preparing for the upcoming season is one of the best things you can do. Practice your shooting first. The summer months will offer you plenty of time to sharpen your aim and become even more precise.

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Working on your decoy rigs is another beneficial thing you can do. Even the most reliable ones with a track record of effectiveness could benefit from a tune-up. The greatest time to improve a decoy rig is when it isn't being heavily used since usage does wear down a decoy rig over time.

Scout The Area For Food Sources:

Checking some of your favorite hunting places might also be a part of this exercise since mallards may use some of them as food sources. Fishing is considered a summer hobby while duck hunting is not so while fishing in your selected area you can also check different food sources in that area and check how intense they are. Early on in the new season, this may have an impact on the mallards' food sources.

Additionally, pay attention to what farmers and other landowners are doing during the summer. The crops they plant could alter not only your usual hunting route but also the activity of the ducks and geese after the summer. They could even be planted on the land you typically use for hunting.

Train Your Retriever:

Summers is the best time to train your hunting buddy for the upcoming season. To boost their physical condition take your retriever on long walks and also involve them in water exercises these practices will surely tone them.

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Fix Up Your Duck Blind:

Recall the last hunting season and bird behavior near your blind if birds land wide of your blind you should spruce your blind this season. Rethink your brushing strategy and the overall height of your blind, and maybe you should relocate your blind to a different spot. If you planning to use a boat blind then check the camouflage panels if there is any damage and then fix it before the season.

Shop Duck Hunting Apparel:

Preparations for the upcoming duck hunting season are not complete unless you buy some duck hunting apparel that is weather appropriate and comfortable. Lelex Shop has some stunning designs for all duck-hunting lovers,


Go and shop your duck hunting apparel as American Day is still live.

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