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Things A Hunter Can Do In July

July 16, 2023 3 min read

Things A Hunter Can Do In July

July is considered ample time for practicing and preparing for the next season. Depending on where you live, you can find a variety of games to hunt. Dust off the shotgun and get ready to reel in some good eatin’. 

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Summers, especially July, is the best time for small game hunting and waterfowl hunting. These are just a few ideas for July hunting plans. You can check our blog Top 5 Summer Hunts, Summer Hunting in Colorado for some other ideas. Be sure to check with your local Department of Game and Fish to make sure you are complying with all laws and regulations that govern hunting in your area. Have fun and happy hunting!

Today's blog is about the things a deer hunter can do in July for a perfect deer season ahead. 

Things A Hunter Can Do In July:

Hunting big bucks is quite challenging but it is addictive and summer months are critical for every hunter as everyone waiting for the fall season to come so they can enjoy the deer hunting. A successful deer hunt is not only about dreaming but it requires a lot of preparation in July so you can get the full of hunting season ahead. Here are a few things a hunter can do in July to have the best success rate.

  • Scout
  • Practice
  • Physically Ready
  • Buy Suitable Hunting Apparel


The best thing you can plan to have a successful hunt is to scout the hunting field. Scouting is not only strolling in the woods but requires deep focus and observation. Take a look at the maps and use birds-eye view cameras to take a deep look at how deer moving in the area. Such scouting really helpful especially in the “the October Lull” time when deer move from an area due to pressure and food shortage.

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When You have full knowledge of different areas stroll the area by yourself. Although eScouting provides you with enough knowledge it is not the alternative to boots-on-the-ground experience. Locate the deer bedding areas, understand the crops available this year, and look for signs like tree barks, old rubs, and broken branches.


Once you scout the area your next focus should be about practicing your hunting gear. First, you should know which bow or fireman should suit you more, with which weapon you are more comfortable. Here are some guiding blogs for you, hunting bow accessories and hunting rifles. Practice different hunting angles and try to practice in different stress situations to train yourself best for the upcoming season. 

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Physically Ready:

Physical fitness is an important factor if you want to increase your hunting success rate. Hunting is not an easy task you have to climb, and hike, and one of the most tiring things is to field dress the hunt and pack it. So for a successful hunting season, you have to increase your stamina, and not only this you have to work on your body flexibility as sometimes you have to crawl, and other weird maneuvers. All your efforts to boost your strength will reduce the risk of injuries in the field.

Buy Suitable Hunting Apparel:

Hunting apparel is important as hunting bows. For comfortable hunting, you must have to invest in weather-appropriate hunting apparel. Lelex Shop has the best quality hunting apparel at affordable prices and our 4th July sale is still live on the website Some of our best-selling designs are,

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