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Get Ready for the Turkey Hunting Adventure!

June 30, 2021 3 min read

Get Ready for the Turkey Hunting Adventure!

If you want to have an adventurous and exciting hunting trip, you will go after the turkey. Turkey has very keen eyesight, so it easily detects the slightest movement, making hunting challenging. 


The wild turkey has two species 

  • Ocellated turkey of Central America

  • North American wild turkey

The American wild turkey has five subspecies 

  • Eastern

  • Merriam’s

  • Gould’s

  • Rio Grande

  • Osceola

They are present in different regions. The wild turkey has at least 30 different types of sounds and has a different complex vocabulary. 


The general habitat of turkey requires trees, moisture, grasses which provide food, cover, survival, and reproduction.

Remote areas of extensive timberland in the 1940s supported turkeys because topography made them inaccessible, so hunting is minimal. After a certain time, the wildlife management started planting turkey in other areas, and the turkey population flourished throughout the United States.  


Every state has its hunting season and hunting laws and regulations. Forty states have a fall season. However, in certain states, the spring season has been introduced, which reduces the fall pressure.

You must know about laws about which species you are going to hunt and at what time. You also need a license. An experienced hunter must accompany a new hunter before hitting the woods. 

If you want to make your turkey hunt successful, you must have some suitable gear preparation and practice. 


The suitable turkey hunting gear is all you need before you hit the woods.

  • Camo

  • Calls

  • Bow or Gun

  • Additional Gear


Turkey is very sensitive to the slightest movements, so you have to conceal yourself as much as possible. It would be best if you covered your face, neck, and hands. 


Successful hunters rely on calls to attract the birds and bring them within short range. All you need practice creating these calls; there are many calls as

  • Mouth calls

  • Box calls

  • Wingbone calls

The box call is the easiest one. To start, learn the basic sounds like purr, cluck, putt, and yelp. 

Bow or Gun:

To hunt the turkey, you can use a bow or gun. Many hunters hunt the turkey with guns to keep the pattern of shot tight. 

You can also use a bow, either a traditional one or a compound bow. Mostly turkey hunting is from the ground.

Additional gear:

If you want to map your turkey, you must need high-end  binoculars.

Certain things are considered hunter necessities; you need a first aid kit, knife, thermacell.


For a successful turkey hunt, you must have to prepare by following the following turkey hunting tips.

  • Scouting

  • Patterning

  • Archery Range time


The most important and the first thing a hunter does is scouting. For Turkey, the best time for scouting is early morning listening and glassing from the higher points.

Turkey mostly comes out in the morning, evening, at dawn, and mid-morning.


The more time you spend with the gun, is better because it helps you to be familiar with your gun operations. In addition, this will give you confidence during the hunt. 

All you need is a gun and a box of shells, and a few targets. There is no rule about selection as each gun and shell combination works differently.

Archery Range Time:

When you are hunting with a bow, make sure you practice your range time. It would help if you practiced from different vantage points and different yards range. 

You must have to make a shot without even standing.


As a hunter, you have to consider the safety of both yourself and your hunt. Therefore, try to follow the following precautions.

  • Only load the gun when you are ready to shoot. Never point it towards other humans. Point it in a safe direction.

  • Wear glasses and ear protection during the time of the shooting.

  • Never shoot on hard surfaces or water. Don’t try to jump or climb with a gun. 

  • Keep the gun's muzzle to the ground and keep it clear and make sure it is not in contact with any other thing.

  • When you are done with shooting, unload the gun and on the safety trigger. 


Follow your mentors; they have tons of knowledge to pass. The experienced hunters will show you what to do by their actions. Learn, practice, and then enjoy the Turkey season. 

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