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Waterfowl Hunting

October 25, 2022 3 min read

Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting is truly different experience from the usual hunting. Waterfowl hunters love to hunt different waterfowl for food, feathers, medicine, spot and for many other purposes since historic times. Waterfowl hunting is also commonly known as wildrfowling and waterfowling shooting. 

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Common Waterfowl Species:

Short feathers, long necks, rounded bodies and webbed feet birds which are commonly hunted in North America are,

Waterfowl Hunting Season:

Many types of waterfowl share the same habitat and mostly have the same season, however the hunting season may vary from state to state. The ideal waterfowl hunting season is autumn and winter. The season starts in the mid of October and lasts till January

Common Waterfowl Hunting Techniques:

Experienced hunters use some tried and tested techniques to get the most out of a waterfowl hunting season. Some commonly used methods for waterfowling are,

  • Jump shooting
  • Pass Shooting
  • Hunting blinds
  • Hunting over decoys
  • Waterfowl call hunting

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Tips for beginners in Waterfowling:

If you are beginner and wants to enjoy this adventurous experience of waterfowl hunting, don't worry, there are some tips that might be helpful,

  • Do research and check the regulations about a particular bird, place and the time when you want to hunt as some states allow hunting at specific days of week at specific time.
  • After your research about the area scout before the season as much as you can, your scouting will help you in the actual season. Observe at least 2 or 3 spots from where you can make the best shots. 
  • Practice your hunting equipment before the actual season, practice as much as you can gear up different essentials for your waterfowl hunting trip such as, water, snacks, flashlight, insect repellent, ear protections, camouflage duck hunting apparel.
  • On the actual day, arrive at least 3 hours earlier than the actual time, so you may hike to the actual spot in time. 
  • In the field avoid to make movements as it will make the birds conscious. 

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Best Waterfowl Hunting States:

If you are wondering where to go for waterfowl hunting, do not worry, we list down top 5 best waterfowl hunting states.

  • Kansas
  • Washington
  • Oklahoma
  • Maryland
  • Missouri


The Sunflower state is known as the best state for duck and geese. Kansas is known for its managed private and public lands, which attract you to hunt in good proportions. The Kansas duck population is about 17,000. Kansas hold all three common type of geese like white-fronted, cackling, Canadian geese. Abundant of agricultural land make Kansas the best state for waterfowl hunting. 


The Evergreen state is known best for its scenic view along with a successful waterfowl hunt rate with 5.5 geese and 15.2 ducks per hunter. The rocky regions, the volcanic mountains, the green fields, all adds up to make your hunting trip a beautiful memory to cherish. Different regions and habitats offers a waterfowl hunter different sceneries, and he will definitely gonna love the adventure. 

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The state with abundant of public land available as well as the beautiful lake areas in the Army Corps and other such lands makes this state a good attraction and the state is known as the best state for thebest up-and-coming waterfowl state.


Maryland is considered as a heaven for waterfowling because the state offers a variety of hunting opportunities. The goose hunting specially Canad goose hunting here is unmatchable, the state is also known as best for sea ducks, scoters, eiders and long tail ducks

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Last but not least, Missouri, a state known best for waterfowl survivals as well as providing the best hunting opportunities. The state protect a lot of species like Canada goose to become extinct. The state is best for diving ducks hunting. The waterfowlers can find ringneck, canvasback, scaup, redhead, bufflehead and other such divers

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Go and check the nearest state and enjoy the waterfowl hunting season and share your stories with us.

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