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Why October Is The Perfect Month?

October 16, 2023 3 min read

Why October Is The Perfect Month?

October is the time when the sunrise gives hope to hunters. If we talk about consistent success, October is definitely a safer bet. We are moving closer to the big show and more adventure. Before the actual mating process starts, lures draw bucks much more effectively. Because of this, October is an excellent time to lure a buck in with a tempting scent.


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There are a lot of things that need to be clarified about buck hunting in October as November takes all the accolades, but There is no better month than October to commit to buck hunting fully.

Reasons to Hunt October:

  • Less Hunting Pressure
  • Predictable Animal Movements
  • Calling And Rattling
  • Sign Success

Less Hunting Pressure:

October is considered the best time for bow hunting, but there are many hunters who take off during this time period. The best time to hunt public land all alone.

Deer obviously alters their activity patterns in response to hunting pressure. Many mature bucks hide underground once they sense pressure, so they won't be discovered during the day. We have the opportunity to hunt them in October before the heat makes them uncomfortable. Even now, their fall feeding and sleeping patterns may still be very predictable.

Predictable Animal Movements:

For bucks, October is an easy period as food is abundant, and bedding places are unaltered. Bucks mostly feed about one or a half hour before the daylight, as they get up in the late afternoon and then are involved in sparring


PC: Pexels


Bucks spend their time in the woods until it gets dark and then exposed to open, and this thing is in favor of hunters as they can easily interact with the animals. He moves leisurely back to his chosen bedding cover in the morning, nibbling at browse as he goes. Then, he will spend the day in cover chewing his cud, occasionally getting up to stretch, and repeating the cycle in the late afternoon. A savvy hunter can identify the trend at this time and ambush a mature buck who is unaware that he is being pursued.

Calling And Rattling:

The ideal time of the year to employ calling and rattling to attract a buck is undoubtedly the second half of October. As the rut desires start to flow through bucks' veins, testosterone is spiking, and they are on edge.


PC: Unsplash

For late October, grunt calls and rattling antlers ensure a high success rate. Do some calling sequences in a good area with lots of ground cover close to a bedding area. Make sure you are positioned such the buck can't see far but must approach you to look for the source of the sound. 

Sign Success:

Late October, or pre-rut time, is considered the best time to observe signs. Daylight is the best time to visit scrapes and rubs, while morning and evening are considered as the best hunting time


PC: Unsplash


Use an excellent smell, and position yourself downwind. You can also use a scrape dipper containing an Active Scrape lure. Adding a high-quality aroma to the scrapes at this point in the annual cycle works extremely well. Numerous deer may circle the area to wind-check it from the downwind side, so make sure you set up your stand appropriately.

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