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Winter Game Birds in America

January 25, 2023 2 min read

Winter Game Birds in America

Winter hunting is not only limited to deer, coyotes and other big game animals, however the chills of winter provide hunter some marvelous opportunities for small game hunting, including upland birds hunting. The harsh weather conditions are ideal for upland hunting as the land cover is reduced and, the hunting with dogs is a different experience.

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To know more about upland birds, you can check our blog about upland hunting. This blog is all about what game birds you can hunt in the Northwest and Northeast, as well as Midwest of America.

Preparation for Upland Winter Hunting:

  • The first and the most important thing to enjoy your upland hunting is to check the regulations of the state and check weather about the hunting season of your favorite game bird in that particular state. 
  • Dress yourself according to the weather forecast as well as according to your comfort, prepare yourself for some intense situations. Lelex Shop has some amazing camouflage shirts and winter hoodies to keep yourself warm and comfortable in the field.

  • Dog training is as important as choosing the good hunting rifle. Not only your protection from the cold but also your dog protection is necessary as some dog might get hypothermia if exposed to moisture for long duration.

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  • Before heading towards your favorite upland bird hunting on your selected spot, make sure you have the license and permit to hunt that specie.

Upland Game Birds in Winter:

Here are some of the most desirable game birds which hunters love to hunt in winter,

  • Wild Turkey
  • Pheasant
  • Ruffed Grouse
  • Mountain Quail

Wild Turkey:

Wild turkey is considered as the traditional game bird to hunt, for winter turkey hunting the Northeast sides are the best. You can also visit our blog about wild turkey winter hunting for tactics which will lead you to successful hunt. 

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The red ring necked erotic bird of North America who loves to live on ground and specially in winter they are looking for covers like bushes, dense grass, willows etc. A pro-tip to get the pheasant is to start looking downward and move upward in wind direction. Although the pheasant runs instead of fly, but when it takes a flight it produces a sound that alert other birds in the area. You can also check our blog pheasant to know more about the bright-colored land bird. The Midwest offers great opportunities, and the season runs throughout the month of January.

Pc: Unsplash

Ruffed Grouse:

The swift, forest-dwelling, stocky birds are preferred by all upland hunters as it is inhabited in North America from the Appalachians to Alaska. The grouse use the thick covers and easily camouflaged that make them difficult to target, but their bright flush helps the hunter to spot them. 

Pc: Pixabay

Mountain Quail:

The small game bird inhabit the mountain areas in the USA from Mexico to British Columbia and also in Washington and Oregon. They prefer the bushes on slops, savanna, thick forests, and other such habitats with dense covers. In winters, they migrate in groups and mostly stayed inside covers and less often make little and abrupt flushes and then hide again. 

Pc: Pixabay

Share your stories of winter upland hunting with us.

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