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Winter Hunting Oppertunties in Alaska

December 17, 2022 3 min read

Winter Hunting Oppertunties in Alaska

Alaska being the “The Last Frontier”, the heaven for hunters. The state being the best home of more than a dozen of game animals is like a dream come true whenever hunters got the opportunity to hunt in Alaska, “The Great Land.”

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Alaska Hunting Season:

Mostly people think that winter is not the hunting season in Alaska it's not that true to believe, however, the peak hunting season is from August till October, but there are a lot of hunting opportunities for dedicated hunters from December till March.

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The hunt success rate depends upon the time and location you select for a particular animal as August is the season of waterfowl and caribou hunting, September is ideal for black bear and wolf hunting however December is known as the Elk hunting season in Alaska.

Animal to Hunt in Alaska:

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Alaska the land of big game animals, here no day will be wasted, and you will definitely love to enjoy hunting,

Some Tips for Hunting in Alaska:

Alaska hunting department has some rules and regulation if you are a hunter of above 18 you must have your hunting license or permit with you to hunt specific animals in specific areas. You have completed the course about hunting and get all those certifications needed. Apply for the license and tags and other big game locking at the right time to avoid any hassle. Make sure you clearly search Alaskan hunting zones, and you must know the area when you are going to hunt, specially in winters.

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Best Places in Alaska for Hunting:

Here are some of the top pristine hunting places which being a hunter is a real life dream, to fulfill your hunting adventure quest and to have the most delicious dinner.

  • Iliamna Lake
  • Peninsula
  • Bristol Bay
  • Haines 
  • Prince of Wales Island

Iliamna Lake:

The Iliamna Lake has its own significance as it is the second larges lake in the United States, its location between Cook and Kvichak bay makes it a perfect location for hunting. The lake is best known for the caribou hunting, in terms of both availability and massive size of the caribou.


The southwestern Alaskan Peninsula is the ideal location for the hunters who search for moose and grizzly bears. Make sure you check the regulations regarding hunting of particular game animal. The peninsula is referred as moose trophy area, and It is considered as the boundary line between Bristol Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Bristol Bay:

Although it is known as the World class fisheries, but one cannot ignore the hunting opportunities of this area. The hunters love to hunt dall sheep, moose, caribou and brown bears. This is the best place to enjoy hunting and fishing side by side.


The northern town of Alaska near Glacier Bay national forest and is the home of the world’s best class mountain goats with the weight around 450 pounds. This is a small town, but have enough game animals to fill your freezers.

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Prince of Wales Island:

The southeast Alaska has very ambient temperature all the year round, and it is one of the factors that big game animals have healthy populations here. On this island you can hunt Sitka black tailed deer, black bears as well as wolves. The best place if you are avoiding crowded places as it is in remote location of Alaska.

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Check the rules and regulations of winter hunting in Alaska and head towards your favorite location.

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