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The Perfect Time to Hunt Scrapes

September 28, 2023 3 min read

The Perfect Time to Hunt Scrapes

Scrapes serve as a social and communication hub, and as the rut approaches, their goal shifts significantly. While still using scrapes as a means of communication, bucks are now inspecting them in an effort to locate a doe who is nearing the end of her reproductive cycle.

September means it's time to hunt for scrapes!

You often hear hunters saying this, but in today's blog, we will discuss all the things that might be helpful for hunting scrapes.

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Reasons Why September is the Best Month to Hunt Scrapes:

"Scouring September for the Best Scraping Spots!" Here are some reasons why hunting scrapes is so fruitful,

  • Pre-Rut Activity
  • Cooler Temperatures
  • Visibility
  • More Time to Scout
  • Fresh Sign
  • Less Human Pressure

These are the main reasons that every hunter is looking for an opportunity to scrape hunting.

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Best Time To Hunt Scrapes:

The most effective times to hunt mature whitetails on scrapes are in September and early October.

The reason is that at the moment, that scraping pattern is somewhat similar to a real pattern and less like a rotation that happens randomly.

Pro Tip: Finding active scrapes close to—but not too close to—bedding cover is the key in this situation.

Things to Keep In Mind While Going To Hunt Scrapes:

Here are some crucial things you need to know before going to look for a scrape in order to improve your chances!

You Should Know About Best Scrapes Hunting Times:

Knowing the precise time that the bucks visit any scrape is essential if you want to shoot a large whitetail buck. In general, during the breeding season, which lasts from mid-October to mid-December, bucks visit scrapes throughout the day. 

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However, the research indicates that the darker hours considerably increase the likelihood of spotting a buck visiting a scrape. In the rut, it is therefore advisable to go to the scrapes during the day, and in the pre-rut, during the evening hours just before nightfall.

Understand Scrape Behavior and Purpose:

Scrapes don't typically occur randomly. They are purposeful and intentional. Apart from using scrapes for their communication, some bucks will lay down scrapes purely out of boredom and an increased testosterone-induced desire to wreck some stuff.

A scrape is intentionally put in regions where the buck frequently travels and where it is aware that other deer also frequent. The buck's goal is to leave scent trails around his territory to alert other deer (bucks and does) of his presence.

PC: Pixels

Check Scrape Activity:

Bucks don't necessarily visit all scrapes every day. Instead, when rent is high, they go to scrapes. To determine which scrapes are active based on the black traces and paw prints, it is imperative to stroll around the area.

Place trail cameras where you believe deer activity is occurring to learn more about the activity in the scrape. Alternatively, search for any sizable scrape location with a high concentration of indicators of buck movement.

Best Scrape Hunting Wind Direction and Weather Conditions:

Successful hunting depends on knowing and analyzing the wind direction and meteorological conditions. Animals use their hearing and smell to detect danger, and wind direction and weather have a big impact on how successfully they can do it.

To understand more about hunting in September, you can check our blog September Bow Hunting Tactics.

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