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Are you Ready for the next Bow hunting Season?

May 20, 2021 3 min read

Are you Ready for the next Bow hunting Season?

To make the hunting most enjoyable and memorable experience, you need a perfect bow, but to select an ideal bow is quite a difficult decision unless or until you know about the purpose of the bow and you are sure what design, size, total mass, arrow speed, warranty, etc.

“Buying a bow that’s just right for you will lead to confidence in the field.” Elite Archery

There are certain types of the bow that are being used for different purposes. You must have to understand what the best hunting bow to make your hunting experience the best memory. 

Factors While Choosing Hunting Bow:

You can kill the game if you understand basics as 

  • Stance
  • Anchor point
  • Grip
  • Release
  • Draw Length
  • Draw Weight
  • Bow Arm
  • Arrow Speed
  • Bow Length


Your stance should be consistent, but you can choose it based on personal preferences. In a closed stance, your toes line up evenly, but you can also select the open stance in which the front foot slightly back. 

You should stand in a position with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, and your angle should be perfect and you are not leaning too much in one direction.

Anchor point:

The anchor point is the place where the bowstring touches your face and drawing hand for the shoot.

There are three most common anchor points are 

  • The string touches the corner of your mouth
  • The peep sight aligns with the sight housing
  • String presses into the tip of your nose

One of the anchor points should make a bone-on-bone connection as a thumb bone pressing the jaw bow.


This factor generally affects the accuracy as the grip is the main contact point between you and your bow. The grip of your bow is very important for the perfect shot.

Your knuckles should be at  45° to the bow. 


Letting go of the bowstring is a simple but critical step; it is also called a let-off. As the bow weight is reduced. A high "let-off" percentage will allow you to hold your bow at full draw for longer.

Though it's a problematic step by anticipating the release and flinching while activating the trigger. That's called punching the trigger. 

Draw Length:

Draw length is how far you pull back your bow. You can approximate your draw length by taking your wingspan and dividing it by 2.5, and it varies by archer’s size. 

Draw length is measured from the apex of the bowstring to the deepest part of the bow’s grip, plus 1.75 inches.

Draw Weight:

Draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull a bow and is measured in pounds.

Draw weight is the weight that you can hold at full stretch. While selecting the suitable draw weight, you must understand your physical abilities to prevent injuries and a perfect shot. 

Bow Arm:

The golden principle of archery is to use more bone than muscle to support the bow, so you may not get fatigued, and it makes you steadier.

For right-handed archers, your bow arm is your left arm; keep both shoulders low, apply tension to the bowstring and rotate your elbow clockwise. Keep your arm straight but don’t lock it or bend it and properly align your drawing arm’s shoulder for efficient drawing.

Arrow Speed:

Arrow speed is one factor considered while buying a bow and is measured in feet per second. 

“A good hunting bow shoots arrows at about 280 to 290 feet per second.” ___Wenberg

I always prefer quiet-shooting bows, as deer can react quickly to odd noises as sound travels at  1,125 fps,  much faster than any bow setup. Rubber dampeners and string stop can both be used to solve the problem of noise.

Bow Length:

Bow length is measured from axel to axel length and is abbreviated as  ATA. The ATA is actually  “where the bow’s limbs connect to the cams.”

Bows with longer axle-to-axle measurements are more stable.

So, what you are waiting for go and grab the perfect bow to kill the game and enjoy your hunting season.

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