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Top 5 Black Bear Hunting States

August 21, 2022 2 min read

Top 5 Black Bear Hunting States

The black bear is one of the most widespread big game animals in North America. Black bear hunting is the true experience of an adrenaline rush as it is full of thrills, adventure, excitement, tension,and a little fright. Once you start this, you will become addicted to black bear hunting.

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Black bear hunting is the dream of every hunter because of the delicious meat and plenty of hunting opportunities.

Black Bear Hunting Season:

When you are planning to go for black bear hunting, make sure you have read about the regulations of the state where you are going to hunt. The general bear hunting season starts in Augustand runs through October. The general bag limit is one adult per license.

To know more about the black bear and its hunting methods, you can visit our blog, Black Bear Hunting.

Top 5 Black Bear Hunting States:

The blog is about the best black bear hunting states. Sometimes black bears do not gain as much attention as grizzlies, but here is the list of the top 5 states that are always on the bucket list of black bear hunters,

  • Alaska
  • North Carolina
  • Wisconsin
  • Idaho
  • Pennsylvania


Alaska has about 100,000 black bears and provides the best opportunities for spot and stalk and bear baiting, but there is a drawback that the coast is so high that it is not affordable for many hunters. In Alaska, you can hunt 2 or 3 bears per license.

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Before you are out hunting bears in Alaska, make sure you know the regulations as the state allows dog hunts in certain areas and bear baiting in others.

North Carolina:

Different factors like nutrient-rich food, mild short winters, great cover and good genetics result in the biggest bears in Carolina. North Carolina, with a 15,000 black bear population, allows hound hunting; however, baiting is illegal.

The season starts in mid October and this mostly private land state has the most friendly residency laws.


Wisconsin is the king state for black bear hunting, especially in the midwest part of the state, which has the best opportunities for black bear hunting. Unlike Alaska, Wisconsin is pretty inexpensive. 

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Most of the land is private, so prior booking is a great idea. The state allows both baiting and hound hunting. Bayfield, Rusk, Barron, and Sawyer are the best counties to go hunting in Wisconsin.


Idaho is the best state in terms of black bear hunting as it offers two bear bag limits, tags are cheaper, and most importantly, it allows bear hunting in both spring and fall seasons.

In Idaho, spot and stalk, baiting, hound hunting, all methods are legal for hunting. Idaho is the mecca for hunting black bears.


This state has a rich black bear hunting tradition. The state has plenty of land available for hunting. However, the success rate is pretty low. The black bears here are really big, but it is slightly difficult to hunt them because the state has strict regulations regarding hunting. Only spot and stalk methods of hunting black bears is allowed and considered legal.

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