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Top 5 Summer Hunts

June 19, 2022 3 min read

Top 5 Summer Hunts

For a passionate hunter, it is hard to sit in a cool air-conditioned room and waste the three months just waiting for the winters. Summer hunting has a lot of hidden adventures for those who are brave enough to get a lot from dogs on days of summer.

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Hunting in summer is a different kind of experience, and as it is said that there is no rest for the wicked, so despite the break from the turkey season and before the start of early archery season, the hot summer has a lot more for you with some incredible hunts. 

Summer Hunting Apparel:

Of course, summer hunting is a different experience with different techniques, hunting apparel, and hunting gear. The weather is hot, and if you are not dressed appropriately, it is hard to hunt, as

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” — Edith Head.

Concerning your comfort in the hunting field, Lelex Shop has an amazing collection of cotton hunting apparel made of pure 100% cotton, trendy and weather appropriate. We know the needs of hunters, and we designed our cotton collection accordingly. The fabric is breathable and soft. You can have comfortable clothing with trendy designs. Please check our 100% cotton collection to have your favorite design.

Adventurous Summer Hunts:

The hot weather offers you some of the best big game, and small game hunts, and a few of them are,

  • Coyote
  • Wild Hogs
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Squirrels
  • Collared doves


Coyotes hunt fawns in summer, which is the best sign to hunt coyotes to save whitetail deer. One can do Summer coyote hunting with a rifle, a dog and some distress call to lure them to your range. Spend more time scouting. 

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The best time to hunt a coyote is dawn or dusk. You don't need to search more as dense vegetation means they are confined to a specific area with abundant food availability. 

Wild Hogs:

Wild hog populations have exploded in the past few years, and in certain states, it is legal to hunt them around the year as they cause a lot of property damage. Spot and stalk methods can be effective to hunt hogs. High-caliber rifles are also an option to hunt feral hogs. 

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The best time is from sunrise to sunset; however, you can also hunt them at night, but you must have your binoculars with you for night hunting. Lelex shop has an incredible resolution power Binoculars night vision device to make your hunt more feasible.

Pronghorn Antelope:

Wyoming is the capital of Pronghorn antelope, and you can satisfy your bow hunting skills in the wide-open spaces on America's fastest ungulates. Spot and stalk tactics are pretty helpful. Search the water bodies as it is the summer season, and most antelopes are near the water bodies to beat the heat. The pronghorn hunting season in Wyoming starts in August.

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Squirrel hunting is the perfect way to enjoy your summer hunting trips. It is fun-filled small game hunting which doesn't require too much expensive gear.

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Morning and evening time are the best times to hunt squirrels. Squirrels calls, hunting with shotguns, ambushing and stalking and even hunting with dogs proved to be worthy. Some states, such as Missouri, offer prolonged hunting season as its squirrel hunting season starts in May. 

Collared Doves:

Collared doves are invasive species in the United States. Most states offer no bag limit on hunting collared doves. If you are planning to hunt collared doves in the summer, look for the agricultural fields as these are primarily present in such areas, especially after harvest. Training your dogs is a more effective way to summer hunt collared doves.

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So beat the summer heat and gear up to go on your favorite summer hunt game.

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