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Top Pronghorn Hunting States of America

April 12, 2022 3 min read

Top Pronghorn Hunting States of America

Pronghorn is the most accessible big game hunting animal. Pronghorn are the American species referred to as “speed goats.” It doesn't belong to the goat and antelope family like those present in Asia and Africa, but its scientific name Antilocapra americana, means American-Goat Antelope.

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Pronghorn, with cheetah-like speed and magnified vision, embodies the American spirit. The classic West American animal hunt is an excellent experience in itself.

There are different seasons of pronghorn hunting, like bow hunting season from mid of August to Early September, while rifle hunting starts in mid-October and lasts till the end


The article's primary focus is on the best pronghorn hunting states, and these are,

  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Montana
  • Arizona 
  • Nebraska


With a minor human population, Wyoming offers the best hunting conditions and has a success rate of almost 97%. However, the populations may decrease due to drought and predation, but it is generally said that Wyoming has more pronghorn antelope than humans and is considered a pronghorn state.

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In western Wyoming, public hunting lands are more, but demand for tags is high, so you have to apply for a hunting license a couple of years before your hunting trip. 


The Centennial State is on the bucket list of hunters, and Colorado is a microcosm of Wyoming regarding pronghorn hunting. Estimated Colorado’s pronghorn population is 77,400 animals and is mainly concentrated in the state's eastern half. It is easy for a non-resident bow-hunter to access more huntable places by purchasing counter-tags.

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The state's Eastern side is plain, making spot-and-stalk hunting a challenging hunting adventure, while the western side has a mountainous range and is the best trophy destination. 

New Mexico:

New Mexico is one of the great states to find the big bucks. The northeastern side harvested the best goats and antelopes. New Mexico can be the best choice for hunters interested in trophy pronghorns; the antelopes are present near the water bodies. 

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The New Mexico pronghorn hunt has a world record of 96 4/8. However, the state offers non-residents limited tags, and private landowners often allow for hunting on “ranch tags.” The hunting season prolongs from late August to late December.


Unlike New Mexico, Montana offers excellent hunting opportunities for non-resident hunters. Montana is considered at the second number after Wyoming in terms of pronghorn populations, with 125,000 animals. Montana has prolonged hunting seasons compared to Wyoming and New Mexico, but it does not have the trophy pronghorn.

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Pronghorn can be found throughout the state; however, the southeastern side of the state is the true land, and in Montana, the places are easily accessible to non-residents. 


Arizona has pronghorn with longer horns than the other neighbouring states because the state has long winters, which allow them to grow their horns longer. 

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Navajo Coconino, Mohave and Apache are the most desired countries in pronghorn hunts. The hunting season lasts from late October to late November.


The state is on the hunter’s radar and is the most overlooked state for pronghorn hunting. The state doesn't have the most accessible places as animals are not widely distributed, although the northwestern side offers you good hunting opportunities. Sioux County and Dawes County are the perfect destinations for pronghorn hunting, and from northwest Nebraska, you can also approach the southwest side of South Dakota state.

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Before you go to Nebraska to hunt pronghorn, make sure you have a profound understanding of its hunting accessible locations, and you must have the digital map with you.

Plan your antelope hunting trip to have adventurous memories.

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