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July 23, 2021 3 min read


A crossbow is the launching device that launches the arrow as a projectile. Although crossbows are used during big game hunting, it is illegal to use crossbows for archery hunting. Although crossbow hunting is outdated, crossbow hunting still provides disabled hunters and beginners a chance to enjoy hunting. 


There are as many variations of crossbow depending upon the style and unique features. Some types are

  • One- and two-handed crossbows

  • Compound Crossbows

  • Recurve Crossbows

  • Reverse limb crossbows

One- and two-handed crossbows:

Hunting crossbows come in 2 modes; one and two-handed mode. One-handed mode is less common but used for targeted hunting purposes and is called the“pistol model.”




Two-handed crossbows are frequently used in hunting and for other purposes as well. This is because they are easy to handle and are more powerful.



Compound Crossbows:

A compound crossbow uses the pulleys and cam to draw the string up. A compound crossbow requires a shooter limb that may be helpful to you, depending on the area of hunting.



A compound crossbow produces a louder noise at the point of release.

Recurve Crossbows:

Recurve crossbow has many advantages over the conventional crossbow. The recurve crossbows have a tip that curves away from the person who is shooting. This crossbow is cheaper because it has fewer parts, but it needs maintenance like trigger cleaning for proper prolonged working. 



It is harder to cock the recurve crossbow; another disadvantage is that its limbs are more extended than the compound.

Reverse limb crossbows:

In reverse limb crossbows, the limbs of the compound are reversed. This  REVERSE DRAW TECHNOLOGY  is the recent modification. These crossbows produce the slightest vibration and sound at the release time.

Higher speeds per pound of draw make the reverse limb crossbow the best crossbow among all. 




Crossbows are among the third most sold bows during the last few decades; the increase in crossbow popularity is because of the particular benefits that are

  • Easy to learn

  • Stunning accuracy

  • Easy access

  • Valid for a more extended season

Easy to learn:

Learning a crossbow is more manageable than learning compound bows. You don't need much target practice. Crossbow requires no effort to keep the string back, so shooting with it is not tiring. 


Stunning Accuracy:

The best feature is their superior accuracy; it helps you aim your target and shoot without further delay. You can focus on your moving target, and it also doesn't make a loud noise, so you can shoot again if you miss the first one without getting noticed.



Easy access:

It is accessible to all hunters. Hunters with physical limitations can enjoy crossbow hunting as they can easily withstand the recoil. On the other hand, limited range of motion and limited strength applied crossbow is the first choice of children, beginners, and disabled hunters.



Valid for more Extended Season:

You can only use the crossbow during the gun season that lasts longer, and early in the season, you can face harsh and uncomfortable hunts, but you can hunt more because there is less hunting pressure.

In the archery season, you have to compete with other bow hunters to lessen the hunt rate. 


 Almost all states now allow crossbow hunting in general. However, some states have specific regulations. Of those states, more than half permit crossbow hunting during archery season without any restrictions. Some of the states are 


During the deer hunting season, crossbows are legal to use. 


For disabled hunters, crossbow hunting is legal during archery season, while it is legal during gun season. 


The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission extended the period of crossbow season in the four zones.  


The children and older hunters are allowed to hunt with crossbows in the firearm season. However, in archery-only bear, season crossbows are not allowed in the Red Oak Unit. 


Handicapped hunters with permits are legal to use crossbows. 


Crossbows are legal for big game hunting. 


Conventional and Crossbows are legal to use for hunting.


Using the crossbow with a draw weight of 125-pounds is legal for archers with non-operable upper extremity impairment.

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