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Decembe Hunting Experience!

December 19, 2023 3 min read

Decembe Hunting Experience!

The joy of the holidays is in the air in December, as seen by everything from the cheer of store employees to the decorations on the street in your neighborhood. Whitetail hunters might not feel quite so celebratory. As per the hunter's calendar, October is the month for leisurely deer hunting, November is the month of rutting, and December is best characterized as the month of need. 

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In areas with significant pressure, hunting during the twelfth month of the year is frequently an exercise in futility. This holds true irrespective of the weather, and frequently even despite it. If our perception of hunting is limited to grip-and-grins and tunnel vision, then it might not be worthwhile to dress up and go hunting in this cold. But, December offers a couple of advantages to whitetail deer hunters. 

Advantages Of Deer Hunting In December:

Being a whitetail deer hunter you can truly relate to what I am going to share with you, here are some of the plus points for December hunting,

Predictable Movements:

In some areas, December is the peak rut month and bucks tend to be more predictable in their actions during the rut because they are frequently focused on finding mates. They might move around more in the day, which would facilitate hunting.

There is a term used, “playing with patterns.” Late-season whitetails develop strong routines, which include their travel routes and the times at which they arrive at food sources. Observe tracks in the snow and tracks in the mud. Each sighting serves as a hint.

More Response Towards Calls:

During the rut, deer may exhibit increased aggression, which may increase their receptiveness to calls and hunting decoys.

Less Vegetation:

By December, the foliage has typically decreased considerably, making for better sight in forested locations. Deer are easier to see and follow since there are fewer leaves on the trees and bushes.

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Goodbye To Competition:

Both the majority of the general firearms season and the archery season are over.  One positive aspect of this situation could be the absence of pressure. Obtaining approval for new territory is best done now. Many landowners have finished their hunting season, and farmers are mostly focused on the fall harvest. Access may be easier to obtain now than at any other point during the season, but you may need to guarantee to shoot only does.

Holiday Break:

Due to holidays, a lot of people take December off from work or school, giving hunters extra time to commit to their pastimes or activities.

December Hunting Experience:

The risk with success is the spice of deer hunting, and it's your preparation whether you turn your December hunting experience into an amazing or a terrible one. Here are some ways to stay in December game and enjoy hunting

  • Forecast
  • Blinds
  • Clothing


Keep up to date on 10-day forecasts to help you prepare ahead. This allows you to target a better-than-average window of success and arrange your search around your family. Whitetails must feed fiercely to survive due to incoming low-pressure systems, falling masses of cold air, gusty wind chills, and other circumstances.

Bucks may shed up to twenty-five percent of their body weight during the rut.  They are compelled to eat when their personal barometers indicate impending severe weather. When a poor weather event intensifies in December, they may decide to forgo eating until after dark, but they may decide to eat heavily before, during, and after an intense storm. This gives you the chance to cross paths with a previously worn-out and nocturnal deer.


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For December’s success, you should think about the protection that modest walls offer over an exposed tree stand perch, whether you want to use a pop-up or permanent molded blind.  Avoid windows and retreat into the shadows for a more comfortable wait that gives you more shooting alternatives during a casual game. Molded blinds with sealed windows not only provide comfort, but also aid in controlling your odor. When combined with scent-eliminating items, even pop-up models improve scent control to the point where it's almost impossible to detect your presence in the whitetail woods.


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The comfortable and enjoyable way to success in December hunting is to think about layering. Avoid layering while hiking, as sweating may ruin your plan. Layer yourself once you reach the desired spot and always choose the best material for the base layer, check our hunting apparel for affordable and quality hunting shirts.

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