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Everything you need to know about bow hunting and hunting apparels

December 14, 2020 9 min read

Everything you need to know about bow hunting and hunting apparels

From early decades of history sports are one of the most important chapters. Main examples of this are games played in Egypt and Mayan civilization.

Some games are followed as religions such as football, hockey and rugby, whereas the athletic meets are always full of celebrations.

There are several reasons behind the question that why sports has been given such a huge importance. Playing sports contributes to muscle development, coordination and regulation of cardiovascular health. Some other benefits are also associated with disease prevention.

Physical activity can help ward of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis etc. keeping in view the importance of sports lelex shop is providing you the importance of hunting and hunting apparels.



This is a type of sports in which game and wild animals are pursuit, killed or capture for some purpose.

Two main forms of sports and recreation in United States are hunting and viewing nature.  In 2017, more than 15 million people participated in hunting. In the U.S., hunting is generally regulated on a state-by-state basis.

A hunting license is required for all protected species hunters country wide. There were 15.49 million paid hunting license holders in the U.S. in 2017.

Bow hunting (or bow hunting) is a type of hunting in which hunting of game animals by archery occurs.


A large number of people have employed the technique as their primary hunting method for thousands of years not only for the recreational purposes but also as a mode of survival and sports.

Actually the bow hunting can also be explained as the practice of hunting animals with a bow rather than a gun.

Importance of bow hunting in modern age

A number of reasons are there to explain why hunters indulge in bow hunting. Many experienced hunters love to adopt bow hunting due to their stealthier quality. Additionally, many consider it a way to connect to a more original form of hunting. And of course modern guns cannot provide this form of originality.

If your beloved dogs, children, or fellow hunters, for one reason or another, dislike the sound of gunfire then bow hunting will be a great option for you.

Some hunters simply consider it a more humane method of hunting according to ethical and moral values. Regardless of the reason, hunting with bows is considered a satisfying form of hunting for thousands across the country.

Modern hunters have an armory of weapons to hound their prey, and possibly the most appealing and demanding is the bow.

Thousands of years of history have just gone into bow hunting. Not only in the modern age have hunters played the highest role in human cultures in all decades. They were the suppliers of food and life.

I think about the partying built around the successful hunt and the importance of the kill, the get-together of tribes, friends, and most important, families! This is something bow hunters intentionally know, but also feel profound in their souls; bowhunting fulfills the ancient essence of man.

Bow hunting guide for beginners

Use of compound bow:

  • This type of bow which is perfect in bow hunting for beginners. The prime importance of this bow is due to that it is much easier to use than the traditional longbow and ordinary bow.
  • You’ll gain cleverness with it much faster and, with a little practice, be shooting this bow quite well in a couple of weeks.
  • Compound bows are more accurate than traditional bows in working and also some stores sale used compound bows so it will be very economical for beginners to purchase a used one.
  • Beginners can find used compound bows at low rates very easily on the store. Make sure you buy a bow that is legal to use for hunting, per your local regulations and permit limitations.

Determination of orientation:

  • Bows are of two types, right-handed and left-handed versions. Use your dominant eye to determine what orientation you need, not your dominant hand.
  • Pre-determine that if your right eye is working then choose right handed but if your left eye is dominant then use left handed version.
  • But if you can shoot with both eyes open. In this case, you could use either orientation. Although you probably still favor one eye over the other when aiming or squinting to see something far away. The one you tend to favor is your dominant eye.

Select the right draw weight and draw length:

  • Draw weight, which is the weight of resistance when you pull back the bow string, must be considered. The higher the weight, the harder it is to pull back.
For example almost Forty-five pounds is the minimum weight it takes to kill a deer. But if the weight will be lower than that, it will harm them. Fifty to seventy pounds is the recommended weight for deer hunting.
  • Draw length is another factor. The right draw length is when the bow brings the string about even with your mouth when it’s fully drawn.
  • Many bows will be adjustable to accommodate an arm length of 28 to 30 inches, which is the average for an adult.
  • If you buy your bow brand new, the seller will most likely set the bow up for you, customized to what you need.

Bow and arrow:

  • with compound bow beginners can use four types of arrows like aluminum, carbon, aluminum with a carbon core, and carbon wrapped around an aluminum core.

  • The carbon variety tends to be more durable and lighter, which means it will travel faster.However, an aluminum arrow works better if you are using broad heads.
  • A broad head is a point you can attach to the tip of your arrow. It has several very sharp blades affixed to it, which will enter your prey without causing a lot of tissue damage or bruising.

To choose the best bow and arrow as a beginner seek advice from any expert around you.

Tips and tricks for bow hunting

For adoption of a best version of bow hunting fishing nice is going to share few useful tips and tricks.

Avoid being scanty:

  • to be successful from deer smell is not only difficult but also nearly impossible. An old saying is that deer smells more than dog. So to avoid your hunt skipped you would have to avoid your scant from spreading even in the wind.
  • Now interesting question arises that how it is possible to filter wind. To achieve this, the wind will blow in your face as you move. It may also blow past you, but as you move, it shouldn’t be blowing on your back, because it would be blowing the scent to where you are headed, scaring the deer away.
  • The more obvious ways to protect yourself and your hunt is to hide your scent by washing everything with unscented soaps like all your clothes, gear, your boots, your backpacks etc. to be more accurate take a container and take some extra clothes washed with unscented soaps so that you can wear them at the time when your clothes will get scent there.

  • Successful hunters try their best not to sweat while hunting. So try to sweat at the cold part of the day like at dawn time. If you have to hunt on hot day then try to move slowly so that sweating can be as low as possible.
  • Use of scent masking spray is also beneficial and you should re spray one or two times on hot day.
  • Try to wear as less clothes as the hot season is. So bow hunting season is also a very important factor because in a hot day wearing more layers of clothes will make you sweat and will also cause difficult breathing.
  • Also take care while choosing your foot ware. Amazing tip for your foot ware is that choose that rubber boots because they will block your scent in wood and make you work fast. To avoid any inconvenience spray them also.

Practice makes a man prefect:

  • that old saying is a golden key to success. To be successful in the field of bow hunting it is necessary that give as much time to practice as you can. For this purpose set up a proper arrangement in your garden (or in some other open area) to work on your aim.
  • Sporting goods stores often sell targets that are shaped like the game you’re hunting, which can be helpful. Before going in the field you should spend at least a couple of weeks practicing your aim.
  • Consistency and steadiness in practice are one of the most important factors in archery. When you hit your stride and start hitting your targets more often than not, try to shoot with the same form every time.

  • You will need to practice shooting your bow while sitting, as well, since in most cases you will be sitting up in a tree stand while hunting.
  • If you plan to use broad heads on your arrows, you need to practice with them once you get the hang of shooting and it is applicable to others also.

The broad heads add weight to the arrows, which means you’ll need to regulate your form to acquire the same trajectory as before.

  • Hunters should have correct estimation about their ability to hunt and the distance they can tackle with. If you can place an arrow accurately at a distance of 20 yards, then shoot from your preferred distance. If you have difficulty hitting a target from 40 yards, then do not attempt to shoot an animal from that remoteness.
  • By attempting from the wrong distance you can not only miss your hunt but also there will be a loss your arrows and power. With time you will lose your determination due to faulty attempts and it will cause problem for you.
  • Last but not the least choice of hunting apparels is also a serious issue for beginners. It can make or break a successful trip into the woods.
Let’s take a look at some of the best advice on choosing hunting apparels while going for bow hunting.

Choice of bow hunting apparels

Clothing helps a hunter a lot in performing his hunting job comfortably. It protects you from the unkind climate conditions. Most importantly apparels should be according to weather demands.

If you are going to hunt in a colder climate, you would certainly have to put on the layers of clothing to protect yourself from the cold environment.

But if you are going to hunt in an area that is hot and warm climate, you have no need to put on the layers, rather just put on a smokescreen outfit or something else, it won’t trouble you while hunting.

You can wear the lightweight outfits in warm weather. So, it is proved that the clothing makes you more contented and relaxed to warfare the weather conditions, and that aids you to hunt successfully.

By seeing all these demand, lelex shop is providing a variety of hunting shirts for men and other hunting apparels.

The hunting shirts and apparels of fishing nice contain these priceless


Wind proof fabric:

Waterproof fabrics can be windproof, too, although only to a certain degrees. So, fishing nice shirts are made of such fabric which is water proof so that you do not have to worry about wind proof apparels and you do not have to buy other apparels to gain this advantage.

Water proof fabric:

Add the water-repellent exterior, and that’s pretty much all you’ll need to stay comfortable and more relaxed, even in freezing temperatures. I’m talking freezing winds on heights, while you’re on a ladder tree stand, completely calm waiting for that deer to come.

 Breathable fabric:

The lelex shop hunting shirt is made from polythene fabric in the UK. It is the perfect choice for autumn hunting or warmer climate.

Cut to a stylish traditional pattern and made from the best quality fabric to provide a soft and comfortable shirt.

Created and developed over many years this hunt shirt provides unbelievable quality and value for money.

The traditionally styled shirts ideal for hunting and winter competing are available at fishing nice store.

  • Handmade in the UK by our own seamstress and to our own pattern
  • Composed of fascinating shades and prints of nature…no annoying buttons!
  • Machine washable

Importance of orange apparels

A hunter’s most important clothing items are daylight fluorescent orange hat and daylight fluorescent orange outfits (jacket, vest, shirt).

There is a firm reason behind this orange outfit and hat like there is nothing in nature that is of orange color.

So, a hunter being dressed up in such outfit can be familiar easily even from a far distance by the people as well as other hunters. So, this kind of orange dressing is the symbol of hunters, and it is pretty much compulsory to wear while going to hunt.

The Orange color is clearly visible to all, even from the distant places. And due to the reason that the colors of nature lack the orange hue these make great choices for Hunting Clothing and is greatly liked by hunters.

In addition to this, many states require this kind of dressing as a law and most of the states have implemented this condition as a law for the hunters.

    So lelex shop also has a lot of apparels of orange color that are available in different designs and in variety of sizes.

      No doubt in every sports and workout apparels can help protect you from the environment. If you’re planning to exercise outside in the summer when it’s hot, loose and breathable fabrics are not only essential but also unavoidable. It’s going to help keep your body cool so that you don’t get overheated.

      Meanwhile hunting is one of the bridges to reconnect people to nature. Not just that, it allows us to learn the way of nature.

      So to dress up before going for bow hunting will make you comfortable as well as presentable in pictures. In that way you will enjoy your bow hunting tour a lot.

      So go shop from your very own lelex shop and hunt your favorite apparel from us before going for hunting.

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