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Montana Winter Hunting Season

December 08, 2022 3 min read

Montana Winter Hunting Season

The big sky country, Montana, offers a very different and challenging experience to a hunter. The weather of the state is not always favorable as well as the rough terrain will make you feel fatigued and uncomfortable, but above all hunters love to go to Montana to enjoy the lifetime hunting experience.

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Montana is often regarded as the “last best place” for hunting, and it is hold to be true in a sense that apart from the harsh environmental conditions, this state also have strict hunting rules and regulations. 

Important Things to Have While Hunting in Montana:

Be fully prepared as you head towards Montana, following are the things you must have

  • Hunting license or the hunting permit to hunt in a particular area and about a particular species.
  • A camouflaged hunting apparel which will keep you warm, so you can hunt successfully. It is advised you to dressed in layers. 
  • A good hunting gear either a hunting rifle with a lot of ammunition or a crossbow.
  • A good pair of hunting knife to undress your hunt.
  • A first aid kit for any emergency.
  • A good pair of binoculars to have a clear vision in the fog, Lelex Shop Binoculars Night Vision Device is the best suitable.

  • A good hunting spot to have wholesome hunting experience. Don’t wonder where to go, we will guide you about the best hunting spots in Montana.

Animals to Hunt in Montana:

Pc: Pixabay

The following big or small game animals can be easily hunt in the big sky state,

Tops Spots to Hunt in Montana:

Here is the list of top 5 places where you can enjoy your winter hunt in Montana,

  • Gallatin National Forest
  • Yaak Valley
  • Bitterroot Valley
  • Lewis and Clark National Forest
  • Badger-two Medicine National Forest

Gallatin National Forest:

South-central Montana national forest is considered as the best place for the elk, white tailed deer, black bear hunts. The temperature here in winter is about 12 degree Celsius.


Pc: Unsplash

Yaak Valley:

If you are looking for the good place to hunt mountain lion, elk, deer, bears and wolves, Yaak valley is the best idea as it is the first rainforest of Montana state with biologically diverse hunting conditions to enjoy with the winter temperature around 22 degree Fahrenheit

Bitterroot Valley:

The valley is commonly known as the “Banana Belt of Montana”  due to mild weather conditions, and the valley offers the best opportunities to hunt game animals. The big game animals to hunt here are mountain lion, bobcats, antelope, elk, mule deer, black bear and what not.

Pc: Unsplash 

Lewis and Clark National Forest:

The Montana’s west-central national forest, where the winter temperature dropped to around 14 degree Fahrenheit. The forest is widespread with 17 mountain ranges and is known best for white tailed deer and elk hunting opportunities. 

Badger-two Medicine National Forest:

The forest has plains, mountains, with a rocky front. The winter temperature of this spot is around -10 degree Celsius despite the cold and driest weather conditions the badger-two medicine national forest offers the rifle and archery hunts. The big game animals to hunt here are white tailed deer, mule deer and this forest is also considered as a good land for upland hunting.

So, go and enjoy the diverse experience of winter hunting in Montana.

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